Plantain skins on the pavement

IMRAN Sookram of Peter Street, Parika, who did not make an appearance in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court when his matter was first called on October 12, 2015, after he was charged with depositing waste in a public place, was yesterday fined $15,000.

The charge read that on Friday, October 2, 2015, at Water Street, a public place way in the city of Georgetown, he deposited waste, which included plantain skins, on the pavement of the said street.

The arresting rank stated that while on patrol on Water Street between Hadfield Street and Brickdam, she observed the defendant depositing a quantity of skins on the council’s pavement. After identifying herself, she asked him if he was permitted by the Cleansing Officer to deposit waste in that manner. He replied in the negative.

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