Local entrepreneur gets Action COACH franchise for business re-education
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A LOCAL entrepreneur has introduced to Guyana the work of Action COACH, said to be the world’s number one business coaching firm which he says is ideally suited for owners of small and medium- size businesses who want to dramatically improve the viability and profitability of their enterprises.

The entrepreneur is Vishnu Doerga, Senior Vice-President of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce who in 2011 was given the Chamber’s Young Business Executive Award for Demonstrated Vision and tangible Business Success.

Doerga has filled roles as President of the Upper Corentyne Chamber, as a member of the Private Sector Commission and the Association of Regional Chambers of Commerce.

Action COACH, founded in Australia, is said to be the world’s number one business and executive coaching firm with close to a 1000 offices in 50+ countries including Trinidad, Jamaica and Suriname and other countries in the Caribbean.

The Action COACH specialises in coaching small to medium size business as well as executive teams and group coaching.
Its vision is: “World abundance through business re-education”.

Doerga who has the local franchise revealed that Action COACH is different from regular business consultancies and training institutions since the COACH will do more than merely investigate, offer advice and then leave the client on his or her own.


Business re-education Action COACH Vishnu Doerga
Business re-education Action COACH Vishnu Doerga

“It’s all about business re-education. We aim at eliminating stagnation or failure in any business.”
He said that once requested, the coaching process begins with a free health check of the business.
“Once we determine what its needs are we workout with the owner/manager an annual plan or a suitable plan which we break down into a weekly format with all the activities that are required for success.”
“Action COACH will after this be there with the client, like a true coach, helping every step of the way – guiding, supporting and motivating the client to achieve his or her goals up to the requested period of assistance.”
All of this, he added, with complete confidentiality.
He stressed: “Action COACH guarantees clients a “business re-education” that shows them how business really works and how to successfully grow their company…as well as how to apply their new knowledge to any business situation.”
Doerga, who is a trained mechanical engineer and holds an MBA degree, told Chronicle last week that he had stumbled upon the work of Action COACH in 2009 while looking for strategies to run his personal business enterprise more effectively.
He found the soundness of the business development systems elaborated by Action COACH to be impressive to the extent that he utilised those principles in the development of his enterprise.

“The Action COACH strategies worked for me,” he said adding that he eventually took the additional step of applying for and receiving training from Action COACH to become a coach in Guyana.

He recently received the franchise and said last week: “The journey to a growing, thriving business is simple but not always easy. Now, I’m in a fantastic position to help other entrepreneurs and small business owners identify, address and overcome the challenges to achieving their business goals and vision.”
Action COACH, he said, is a team of committed, positive and successful people who are always striving to be balanced, integral and honest.
He added: “We work within a “14 Points of Culture” to make sure that everyone who touches, or is touched by the ActionCOACH team, will benefit greatly and in some way move closer to becoming the person they want to be or achieve the goals they want to achieve.
Doerga held a ‘6 steps to a Better Business Seminar’ and launched Action COACH Guyana on May 20 in the Boardroom of the Guyana Cricket Club.
He said that the response to the initiative has been enthusiastic.

The COACH will utilise the internet and other means of telecommunications with businesses who have signed on for assistance.
Doerga said too that he is encouraging other qualified and skilled professionals to become coaches to cater for the growth in demand of the services.
Doerga is based at 120 Parade Street Kingston and can be contacted by interested small and medium-size business owners via telephone numbers: 223-5583 or 621-8975, or by email:vishnudoerga@actioncoach.com.
By Clifford Stanley

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