AFC’S lies and deception continue

THE Opposition AFC+APNU alliance is now wickedly and maliciously trying to use me to deceive Berbicians that I am campaigning on behalf of them. On Friday, May 8th, Charrandass Persaud, the coalition’s national candidate, lied to the public that I was campaigning on behalf of the coalition.

This is a libellous statement, since this is false and Persaud know this to be false and misleading; and is yet another attempt, not only to damage my reputation, since I am a Regional Candidate for the PPP/C party in the upcoming General Elections, but is a desperate try to garner votes for the coalition.

I am seeking legal advice on the matter, since I intend to sue him. These people in the AFC+APNU are aware that I am the host of various TV programmes in which I have been exposing the lies and deception of the AFC. I have also written numerous articles in the Guyana Times and the Guyana Chronicle exposing these lies and deceptions. As recent as two days ago, the Guyana Chronicle published one of my letters.

I wish to advise the public that I am not campaigning on behalf of the AFC+APNU coalition, neither have I joined that coalition. Indeed, I never will. The APNU+AFC is seriously desperate, and its members are doing what they know best — and that is to lie in order to deceive the public.

I could recall the words of Mahatma Gandhi, who said, “First, they ignore you; then they laugh at you; then they fight you, and then you WIN”.

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