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Christopher Ram sues Guyana Times & Nigel Williams for $100M

IN an Ex Parte Application by way of Affidavit for Interim Injunction, Chartered Accountant Christopher Ram filed an Action against Guyana Times & Nigel Williams, claiming damages in excess of $100,000,000 for libel.

The Plaintiff is complaining that during the month of October, 2013, the defendants published or caused to be published at least nine articles including some with photographs of the plaintiff in Guyana Times including on Page 9 of the issue of Tuesday October 8, 2013 ‘describing me as “Guyana’s leading bookkeeper” on page 9 of the issue of Thursday October10, 2013 associating me with non-compliance by Guyana Stores Limited with the Companies Act.1991 etc.
That by reason of the said publications I have been severely injured in my credit character and reputation and in the way of my profession as an Attorney-at- Law and Managing Partner of Ram and Mc Rae, Chartered Accountants.
That I have filed an action against the defendants herein in the High Court claiming the following relief:
1) Damages in excess of $100,000,000 for libel contained and published by the defendants of and concerning me in the said series of articles with photographs of me in the Guyana Times newspaper on page 9 etc.
2) An injunction restraining the defendants and each of them by themselves, their directors, their servants or agents or otherwise, howsever, whomsoever from further printing, circulating or distributing the said or any similar libel upon the plaintiff.
The matter was called up before Chief Justice (ag.) Mr. Ian Chang on Monday and was postponed to November 28 at 10:00 a.m.

(By George Barclay)

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