Guyana must take a stand in defence of its sovereignty and principle


Dear Editor,

Guyana is a civilized and modern nation that is governed by a constitution and laws like any other in the family of nations. I reiterate, that Guyana is not a banana republic that will bend to the wishes and desires of different sectors as it suits their interest. All authority on the management and decision making over elections are governed by an independent constitutional commission the Guyana Elections Commission.

The constitution vests all power over the entire registration and elections processes to the said commission, therefore the commission is completely independent and insulated from any outside interference. As in all jurisdictions, the Supreme Court is the only arm of the state with vested authority to inquire into and alter the work of the Commission to ensure that all of it’s actions align with the constitution and laws of Guyana. No political party, so called ‘observer group’, private organization, foreign powers, or organization of states and countries have any right to dictate to GECOM how the elections should be managed. Guyana is a sovereign nation, and issues of national debate and concern must be solved by the Guyanese people through the framework of our constitution and laws. To do otherwise is to invite our country on a grand march to institutional chaos.

It is therefore very alarming that the PPP and their fellow hacks and travelers are urging the commission and pressuring the Chair to disregard the judicial process, and proceed with a recount just because ‘they seh so.’ It is unbelievable and downright ridiculous to hear the Commonwealth, CARICOM, OAS, Britain, United States, and Canada say that the only way the elections can be valid is if a recount is done. Show me that requirement in the laws of Guyana! The Returning Officers all made legal declarations with no evidence of malpractice presented. Further, the actions of the Region Four declaration were subject to judicial scrutiny and the tabulation was redone in strict compliance with the order of the Chief Justice as prayed for by the PPP. The constitution provides that anyone who feels that the elections do not represent the will of the people must file an election petition, and the actions of GECOM will be examined through that judicial process.

This is known to the PPP, whose corrupt victory in the 1997 elections was overturned by the Supreme Court through an election petition. When the PPP was awarded a seat from Region Ten that belonged to the AFC based on inaccurate calculations, the then Chief Elections Officer said that can only be addressed through an election petition. Sam Hinds squatted on that seat for the entire term of the PPP’s governance, even though the numbers showed that the seat belonged to the AFC. Again, Guyana is a modern nation; we do not make up laws as we go along.

Now that the court has decided that matters of concern about the elections process must be determined through an elections petition, it is now up to the commission to determine the way forward according to the law. It is interesting to hear the PPP and their hacks now saying that the Chairman of the Commission committed to a recount. That’s a downright lie. The Chairman in her affidavit stated that the Commission can do a recount if it deems it necessary. The election results were declared according to the laws of Guyana and anyone challenging it must do that through the established judicial process. The PPP only hails the court processes when it suits their purpose. There is no issue to debate and deliberate on, the commission must now follow procedures and make a declaration.

The actions of the PPP choir members should not surprise anyone though. All that is playing out is a well-orchestrated plan to deny the APNU/AFC coalition their victory to foist Jagdeo and cohorts back on Guyana. Guyana’s black gold has really aroused the appetites of western business oligarchs and they are insistent on getting the most corrupt and controllable into office. How else can you explain a known fact that the PPP paid a notorious international lobbying company 34 million US dollars to get them back into office? Where did that money come from, and who is ensuring that the PPP gets into office to collect what they are owed? There are published documents that allege the same company arranged meetings between the PPP and powerful officials in the US government and local embassy officials. These are documented and recorded facts, that show there are serious international interests in seeing the back of the APNU/AFC. How else can you explain with all the files and intelligence the United States, Canada, OAS and Britain have on death squads, drug running, murder of their own minister, and excessive thievery they are still backing the PPP?

Guyana must take a stand in defence of its sovereignty and principle. We should die on our feet rather than live on our knees. The very existence of Guyana as a civilized and modern state is at risk if we fail to honor and respect our dignified sovereignty and act in accordance with the constitution and laws of our country.

Yours truly
Jerrick Rutherford