Three arrested in cannabis bust at John Fernandes wharf

CANU ranks escorting the three suspects and the bags of compressed cannabis into the agency’s headquarters

A DRIVER and two porters were arrested, Thursday, at John Fernandes terminal at Back Road, Mandela Avenue, after the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) moved in and seized a quantity of cannabis that was destined for Suriname.

CANU Deputy Head, Leslie Ramlall

CANU’s Deputy Head, Leslie Ramlall, told Guyana Chronicle that the truck was parked at the John Fernandes terminal on the Back Road, Mandela Avenue and a quantity of narcotics was delivered to the truck driver.

He said the truck, GPP 4226, was carrying fertilizer formula that was destined for Berbice with the intention of having the narcotics taken to Suriname.

“At this time, we suspect it to be the overseas compressed cannabis commonly known as the poppy weed. In terms of quantity and persons who it might be connected to and all of that, we are still investigating,” Ramlall said.

He said CANU continues to be the leading agency in the fight against narcotics trade in and out of Guyana.

CANU, Ramlall said, has the suspects under its radar as investigations continue.