GRA to issue more ‘durable and secure’ driver’s licence

The new plastic card driver’s licence

THE Guyana Revenue Authority(GRA) will soon introduce a “more durable and secure version” of the plastic card driver’s licence.

The GRA said, in a release, that the new licence will be launched for issuance to drivers of motor cars, motor cycles, motor vans, motor lorries, motor buses, minibus and motor tractors. It will be available before this Christmas and will be valid for five years. The new card will cost $5000 which is waived for persons who are over 65 years old.

According to the revenue body, when compared to the previous licence, the new card has advanced security features to guard against reproduction, tampering or damage, features which will allow for universal acceptance. “The upgrading was spearheaded by the GRA’s Information Technology Unit following the initial launch of the first plastic card driver’s licence in March of 2014,” GRA said.

The body noted that when launched, the new licence will only be issued to first time applicants and those whose licence have expired. Persons whose current licences are still valid should therefore wait until the expiration date, the GRA said.

It noted, too, that first time applicants will be required to submit a completed Driver’s Licence Application form, a valid identification– identification card or passport– and their Provisional Driver’s Licence endorsed with the Competence number or certification slip from the Guyana Police Force (GPF) Certifying Officer.

The officer in the GRA’s lodgment area will verify and process the application upon receipt. Thereafter, the applicant will have his/her photograph taken. The GRA announced that the body will now require a digital signature from the applicant and this will be done at the time of lodgment using an electronic signature pad.

Drivers who are renewing their licence will only be required to submit a completed Driver’s Licence Application form and valid identification if they were previously issued a plastic card licence.

If not, they will be required to also bring in their expired Driver’s Licence, the GRA informed.