Chaves, Rodrigues, Katchay excel at ISKF-Guyana 2019 National Tournament

Awardees of the International Shotokan Karate Federation –Guyana (ISKF-Guyana) – 2019 National Karate Tournament after the medal ceremony at the Head Quarters Studio (Dojo).

INTERNATIONAL Shotokan Karate Federation – Guyana (ISKF-Guyana) – concluded its 2019 National Karate Tournament with a grand medal ceremony at its Head Quarters Studio (Dojo) last Friday evening.

Scores of parents and participants eagerly anticipated the medal presentation done by Chief Instructor and Country Manager Christopher Chaves. Special Trophies for top performances this year went to the teenage trio – Kristalia Chaves, Alex Rodrigues and Tempest Katchay.

The awards ceremony followed the National Tournament that was held at the Marian Academy Auditorium on Carifesta Avenue, Georgetown.

At the tournament, the opening speech and welcome was done by Sensei Marlon George who encouraged participants to compete to their best and, moreover, with camaraderie. Christopher Chand delivered the Competitor’s Oath before the tournament kicked off.

 Seventy-five participants from the HQ dojo, National Park, Thomas Lands and the Georgetown International Academy Dojo competed at this year’s tournament.

Those who officiated were Sensei Christopher Chaves as Chief Judge and Neville Holder, Marvin Singh, Marlon George, Shermon Best and Christina Chaves as Judges.

The success of this year’s tournament accelerates ISKF-Guyana activities as they are in preparation mode to attend the ISKF 4th Shoto cup World Karate Tournament to be held in London in August 2020. To culminate the year, November 30th will be the final major activity.

The committee extends special thanks to the participants, parents, supporters, officials, Sister Marie Harper, and sponsors, especially the main sponsors of medals, the Alfro Alphonso & Sons Enterprises and Special trophies donated by Hand-in-Hand Mutual Fire Insurance Company.