Over 2,000 receive military training this year

Chief-of-Staff, Brigadier West addressing the GDF Training Conference

A TOTAL of 2,272 officers and ranks have thus far, this year, undergone local military training, a slight increase in the number trained during 2018.

This was disclosed on Thursday during a review of training across the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) at this year’s edition of the Army’s Training Conference.
In the main, the GDF realised the completion of almost all of its planned training courses, with a few still being conducted currently.

According to the GDF, the training at external local institutions has also increased during the reporting period, and, for the first time, GDF ranks are being trained at the GuySuCo Training school (27 persons).

Ninety-eight persons are studying at the University of Guyana: this number includes students graduating this year and between the years 2008 and 2019. Also, 917 ranks gained external academic training.

It was also reported that training provided overseas continued with support from the US, the UK, Brazil and China. Additionally, one Coast Guard officer is reading for a Master’s Degree in Malta.

Of equal importance, is the fact that the GDF continues to attract foreign candidates for training on some of its courses.

For example, there are four foreign candidates being trained on the Standard Officer Course (SOC) 51 while six others are on the SOC 52.
The projections for training during 2020 will continue to focus on GDF military and skills courses. Officers and other ranks will be trained in a slew of specialist areas, as the force progresses toward a future where enhanced technical skills are going to be the bedrock of its operational sustainability.

Also presented at the meeting were projections for training to be conducted during 2020. The review, presented by Staff Officer One General Three, Lieutenant Colonel, Raul Jerrick, covered the period January 1 to November 7, 2019.
The conference also heard a presentation on training done in the Guyana National Cadet Corps (GNCC) since its formation last year. This presentation was done by commanding officer of the GNCC, Lieutenant Colonel, Eon Murray.
It was reported that the GNCC had been and continues to train its instructors and cadets in a range of skills, including drills, skill-at-arms, national policy and foreign languages.
The instructors, all of whom are reservists, are exposed to training that aims to build their capacity to administer the cadet programme while also enhancing their capability of performing military functions.

GNCC cadet training offers a curriculum that provides adventure and supports academics while embracing the values and standards of the GDF.

Emphasising the transformative nature of quality training, Chief-of-Staff, Brigadier West, congratulated the Training Corps and all the military schools for realising their goals. He explained that the GDF can only grow through rigorous, dedicated, meaningful and high-quality training. To this end, he noted that as the force forged ahead with upholding its mandate and national responsibilities, all officers and ranks must continue to pursue all available training opportunities.

Also in attendance at the conference were Adjutant General, Colonel Sherwin Anderson; Quartermaster General, Colonel Godfrey Bess; Commandant of the Guyana People’s Militia, Colonel Paul Arthur, several commanding officers, and warrant officers with responsibility for training across the force.