No value to the nation


Dear Editor
IT can hardly be denied that the deliberate and wilful acts of high-voltage criminality that degutted this state of so much of its material assets, presented an experience to Guyanese, unknown in their understanding of government and state. For this was pillage on a grand scale that had been permitted — unchecked and unbridled — by those in power and authority, with those recipients of the loot carrying out their unlawful acts, comforted in the knowledge of non- accountability.

As has been the subsequent march of time, a new psyche has been created, fashioned out of a social milieu of disrespect for social morals, inclusive of a contemptuous ignoring of the law, and a brazen arrogance of even defying its existence, much less its applicability. All truths in the process were beaten down on the political anvil of lies. It became the sin qua non of a political clique.

It is against this background that the no-confidence motion must be understood, in terms of the morality of those who were its prime movers, as well as all those who aided and abetted its presentation in the National Assembly. That it found its way into such an august sanctum of the nation’s law-making sanctuary, on the back of the treachery of a parliamentary debate, speaks of the gross disregard that those responsible showed for what is truth and integrity.

There is no doubt then that this nation has been the victim of the biggest legislative hoax ever perpetrated in its political history. And it was from this, the biggest political lie from which flowed other lies from those whose crooked task became one of defending the challenges made against their treachery, as is only fair in accordance with due process.
How does one explain the incessant, unfair demands by the “constitutional experts” of 106(6), in isolation of 106(7), knowing fully well that the government had signalled its intention of a judicial challenge, a fact relayed to the opposition — and understood — and to which there were no objections. In any such circumstance, there would be a pause, a fact conveniently brushed aside by those who parroted the political opposition’s demand.

This lie, extended to the Caribbean Court of Justice(CCJ) consequential orders of July 18, which orders were not coercive as demanded by the opposition and their legal advisers. That such outrageous demands could have been made of the high justices of the nation’s highest court, asking that coercive orders be made for the government to demit office, and in the process, announce a date for national elections, reflected a desultory disdain for truth in seeking to inveigle the court into a series of orders which were of a political nature, and which it was not going to make because of the Separation of Powers. Yet, despite the justices’ firm ruling and explanation that supported their reasons, the decision was twisted into another big lie, which its political perpetrators boldly challenged in the High Court – both an act of disrespect, since it was in fact demanding a lower court to overturn the decision of a higher body, and of desperation which was, as expected, dispatched.

Surely, the inevitable question that is being asked of the political opposition’s dubious objections to the pre-election procedure of House- to – House registration, another lie, is how does it justify the latter as being illegal for the purpose of a sanitized voters’ list. How could it have pedaled such a big fib, which in all desperation it also challenged in court, only to be defeated?

One should also not forget the infamous accusation of the government being responsible for the collapse of the former industrial giant , GuySuCo.
Absolutely, these are the dangerous political lies, fashioned in the mindset of a category of politicians and clique that has become their daily lexicon to misinform and deceive. This is a tragic downside that brings no spiritual and moral value to the nation and serves only to reflect a crass, callous and selfish band of power-seekers, whose actions are entirely anti-national.
Earl Hamilton