The Soca King is here

Soca star Machel Montano (Vishani Ragoobeer photo)

by Gabriella Chapman

As Guyana Carnival is midway of its week long activities, Trinidadian King of Soca, Machel Montano, commends the effort and lends support in the promoting it as a Caribbean brand.

At the welcome press conference for the headline artiste for tonight’s ‘Wet Wednesday’ celebration, Montano told the press today that he is here to represent and pay his duty, which is to support the growth and movement of Guyana Carnival.

“Carnival is now something we celebrate across the Caribbean. It’s not just Trinidad or Barbados crop over, or Antigua, this is a representation of Caribbean people… Now we share this brand we call carnival, and it is important that we use it to show the world, what we as Caribbean people, represent,” he said.

He urged the other artistes present, to use the opportunity to make music during this time and talk about what is unique to Guyana, talk about Guyana’s folk, culture and riches on their various platforms.

“Carnival is an expression of freedom, and we must represent it on the level as a Caribbean family, and share our messages to the world. We are here to express ourselves, our art, our culture, and above all, our love, our unity and our respect for each other,” the Soca King said.

Tonight’s show will see several artistes sharing the stage at the National Stadium; Jumo, Stephen Ramphal, Adrian Dutchin, Lil Rick, DJ Puffy, Mr. Killer, and the main act, Machel Montano.

The Guyana Carnival committee expressed much contentment with the support the activities have received thus far, from both the locals and nationals.
One of the Directors, Kerwin Bollers said that each event was well attended and supported despite the inclement weather, and the team is proud of the growth seen over just a year.