Selector Biggs: ‘The Buzz’ personality of the week

Daniel Fraser (Selector Biggs)

Who defines ‘entertainment’, better than a Disc Jockey? This week’s personality is a young DJ; 23-year-old Daniel Fraser, who goes by the alias ‘Selector Biggs’.
Fraser brings the musical entertainment every morning to your airwaves, on the ‘Hang Out Show’ with Feliz Robertson, on 94.1 Boom FM.

He told ‘The Buzz Magazine’ that his undying love for music, caused him not to pursue any other career.
“What inspired me, is the love I have for music. It’s in me from birth, because I grew in church where I played the drums, so music is within me from a young age… Also, when I saw my fellow local DJ’s doing their job, I realized it’s something I can do and I took it into consideration and started to play music,” Fraser said.

Selector Biggs, as he’s known, has been a DJ for about 7 years now, and has never done any other job other than music. However, Fraser said that he earned a certificate in Household Management from Carnegie School of Home Economics also one from the Guyana Police Force.

“But my passion is entertainment. I love entertaining people, making them joyful and happy, and I get to do that through being a DJ,” he added.
Sharing his funny story of how he got the alias “Selector Biggs”, the young man said that he first went by the name Selector D, but then found out that there was a DJ already with that name.

“So in a little family conference with my brother and cousins, we were brain storming for a suitable name. And one of my cousins said I look like Biggie Smalls when he was a child, knowing I have a crossed-eye too, and my cousin said ‘your name is Biggs’. And that was the name I stuck with,” laughed Fraser.

He aspires to be a people’s person, who anyone can feel comfortable to approach, because he wants to be able to continuously add joy to people’s lives, even with his mere presence.
“I want to be a legend in music because you always remember a hero, but a legend never dies. So I want to be that person even when I’m not here, they can look back and say I am one of the greatest,” Fraser opined.

Fraser admonishes others to aim to be better than their idols, and stick to what they love.