Footballer’s bail repealed after he breached conditions

Jove Caeser

Jobe Caesar, a well-known local footballer, yesterday got his bail revoked by Magistrate Faith Mc Gusty at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court.

The teen was arraigned on January 16, 2019 for robbing his ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Validum, of a cellphone worth $30,000. He was also accused of damaging Validum’s car, that was worth $3.5 million, at the corner of Albert and Charlotte Street, Georgetown with a gun.

The couple was known to share an abusive relationship in which the young man would hit her occasionally. He was said to be obsessive. The 19-year-old was remanded on his first court appearance but managed to make bail on February 6, 2019 at the sum of $150,000.

However, on Wednesday, the Albouystown resident was remanded again after he broke the conditions under which he was placed on bail.

The prosecutor told the court heard that the accused  did not report to the station as he was asked to and he breached the restraining order that his ex-girlfriend placed on him.

His next court appearance will be on April 3, 2019.