US-based Guyanese cyclist Scott Savory in drive to assist local counterparts

Scott Savory

 SCOTT Savory got involved in the sport of cycling at a tender age and as he progressed over the years, he elevated himself to become an Elite cyclist and is now training and competing on the North American circuit with much success.

However, it was not an easy road as he faced difficulties early in his career with acquiring training and competition gear and equipment.

This did not deter Scott Savory from striving for higher heights and over the past four years or so, he has been doing exceedingly well, so much so that he has been giving back to the sport through donations of gear and equipment not only to his Guyanese counterparts, but also to cyclists’ from Cuba and Suriname.

In 2013, Savory started a cycling and equipment collection drive from his New York base and sought assistance from a number of international cyclists who responded positively to his plea for assistance for the less fortunate.

His goal is to get cycling equipment and gear to cyclists who are in need and may not have the resources to have quality parts and clothing.

The main aim of the donation programme is to support cyclists in need, to motivate them to continue in the sport.

According to Savory’s point man in Guyana, Enzo Matthews, “Too often the cyclists will leave the sport because they cannot maintain or buy the very basic equipment for their cycles, so, Collective Cycling is here to assist.”

Since starting the equipment and clothing drive in 2013, over 2 000 pieces of clothing and equipment have been donated to those cyclists in need – 500 pieces were donated in 2013.

Notable contributors to Savory’s cause are: Angelo Calilap, DH Fine, Michael Stromberg, Matt Long, Christian Mambelli, Ricky Corbin, Michael Zak, Bill Elliston, Kevin McNeil, Elroy Anzola, Mike Galvonie and Dave Bush.