Carol Joseph resigns

Carol Joseph

APNU+AFC Region Five Councillor Carol Joseph has resigned from the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) with effect from Thursday.

In a letter addressed to the Clerk of the RDC, Joseph did not indicate reasons for her resignation, but later in an interview with Guyana Chronicle cited a health condition as the main reason for her “calling it a day.”

Her resignation comes amid an accusation from a nurse at the Fort Wellington Cottage Hospital of her abusing her authority.

Nurse Sherilyn Marks had accused her of using her position as a regional councillor to get excessive quantities of drugs for her medical condition.

Joseph admitted that she had a medical condition which required frequent treatment, but denied allegations that she was addicted to pain-killing drugs or was being fed large quantities of it.

“I use medicine prescribed by a doctor and I am no addict who requires excessive amounts of medication. Those who know me and associate with me on a daily basis can confirm this.”

She accused Nurse Marks of unethical practice, claiming that she did not consent to the release of her personal health information.

“Regardless of whether I am a APNU+AFC  councillor or not, her behaviour as a staff nurse/ midwife in releasing information  about my health condition to the press and to social media, to PPP/C MP Harry Gill,  has been highly unethical  and thoroughly disgusting and I am now getting legal advice for some form of redress,” she said.

Marks last year had lodged two complaints against Joseph over her use of authority to acquire excessive pain-killing medication. The letters of complaint were copied to top health, regional and Government officials.

Following the reading of the resignation by the Clerk, councillors from the APNU+AFC and the PPP/C expressed appreciation to Joseph for her service to the RDC since she became a regional councillor some 10 years ago.

Chairman Vickchand Ramphal said despite their differences, Joseph served the Council well over the years.