The Buzz Artistes of the Week New talent emerges from Kross Kolor Records

From left are China, Jovinski and Shivaine


JOVINSKI, China and Shivaine are Kross Kolor’s youngest but promising future artistes. Though they are different in many aspects, they have one thing in common: And that is music in their veins. Sixteen-year-old Jovinski found music after his brother died; he coped by listening to music, which easily filled the gap, according to the young artiste. He is articulate and a very hard worker when it comes to music. He’s not afraid of experimenting, and is a firm believer that the impossible can be made possible.
He was first made known to the public when he performed ‘Tic Toc’ by the duo, X2 (Adrian Dutchin and Jumo Primo) which would have gained him recognition in the eyes of Jumo, who later recommended that there’s a place for him at Kross Kolor Records.
By signing on to Kross Kolor, Jovinski has already recorded his first two singles, “Too Young” and “Hello”, which made everyone, especially the young girls, fall in love with him.
The young artiste also made mention that he’s the youngest of nine children. and that he, a brother, and two of his sisters are the musically gifted ones within the family. He’s the winner of GTT’s Kid Stage Competition.
Sueann “China” Campbell, born 1999, showcased her talents through modeling, swimming, and dancing but most importantly through music. “I love singing and rapping” says the 16-year-old rising star.
The young star took part in modeling and swimming in her younger days, before came to realise that music was really her passion. It wasn’t until August last year when she auditioned for the Centre Stage Competition and stole the hearts of the judges with her rapping skills, that Kross Kolor saw the potential in her.
In time, they signed her to the label, and even though her talent was rapping, the label introduced the young artiste to various genres that would work well with her vocals.
Shivaine Bhola, meanwhile, was born in neighbouring Suriname but raised in Guyana until age nine when she migrated to the United States of America. It was while living in the US that she found her true passion while a singer in the Martin Kellogg Middle School’s Choir.
In 2011, she took part in a regional contest, which was a first attempt for her at any competition. Shivaine and her mother decided in 2012 to move back to Guyana after the loss of her step-father to cancer.
And just like her record label colleague, China, Shivaine also auditioned for the Centre Stage Competition, where she also impressed the judges.
She was however forced to withdraw from the competition because of prior fulfilments. By impressing the judges, she was remembered for her performance and was selected among a few to have the opportunity of being mentored by the founder of Guyana Music Network, Burchmore Simon.
Jovinski, China and Shivaine look forward to sharing their music with you on Kross Kolor’s “Chirstmas with Us” album, which will be available in stores and Online from November 8.