‘I did not concede’ – President Ramotar

Former President Donald Ramotar

NEWS Source Guyana’s reports that President Donald Ramotar has been on the phone with a number of the Heads of the Foreign Missions in Guyana and has indicated that he has made a decision to concede the elections are false.The Head of State informed the Guyana Chronicle last night that he has not contacted any member of the diplomatic community today, nor has he made a decision to concede defeat at the 2015 General and Regional elections.
“I did not concede,” he said.
Additionally, a statement from the ruling People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C) said, “The Party refutes reports in the media that Head of State, President Donald Ramotar is preparing to concede electoral defeat to Opposition Leader David Granger. Any such insinuation is grossly inaccurate and the agenda of such media houses further arouses suspicion.”
President Ramotar, according to his party, maintains his position that the 2015 General and Regional elections were fraudulent, evidence of which has been provided to the all stakeholders, including Heads of the Foreign Missions in Guyana.
Earlier in the day, he said, “We believe that these elections were seriously flawed, enough to change the outcome of the results. We believe that the data used by GECOM when they announced the number in their possession were numbers that did not reflect the vote in the boxes.”
The PPP/C continues to hold the position that a national recount of the votes cast is most important to ensure the genuine will of the electorate is respected and Guyana’s democracy is preserved.