PPP/C reflects high success, consistent progress – Sixtus Edwards

PPP/C new comer, Sixtus Edwards during the press conference last Friday

“THE People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Administration reflects a high success and consist progress agenda for Guyana’s future, as the Government’s development agenda has been transformative in nature, moving the economy from being a basket case to one of consistent robust growth and physical efficiency, from a high indebted country to a middle income country status.”Those were the words of a new comer to the PPP/C Administration, formerly an Executive member of the Alliance For Change, Sixtus Edwards during a PPP/C press conference last Friday.When asked why he chose the PPP/C Edwards disclosed that “the record of the PPP/C in governance is transparent and reflects different commitments to the national goal and welfare of this country.
He added the PPP/C has been an attractive and progressive political movement, with a welcoming appeal to Guyanese of every strata, race, creed and society.
“Because of this Administration, Guyana has been rated by some of the leading financial institutions and respected leaders of the world, who have classed Guyana as a shining star in the Region, with attractive distinctions for business and investments,” said the PPP/C new comer.
Apart from that, Edwards also highlighted some of the advancements by the Government, noting that they have been facilitating equitable income and social empowerment for all Guyanese through their social sector.
Some of the Government’s advancements which he highlighted include the national housing drive which has seen the development of dozens of new housing schemes, and communities, allowing more than 90,000 Guyanese to have their own house lots and even homes.
He also underscored that water and electricity is now available in the country-as under the PPP/C Administration Guyana has also achieved universal health care and primary education.
Meanwhile, the Government is working currently on building a knowledge-based society through its Information Technology and Communication (ICT) programmes, some of which include the One Laptop Per Family Programme (OLPF) and the fibre optic internal connectivity initiative that will benefit all Guyanese.
In closing he urged the young Guyanese to throw their support behind the PPP/C as they strive for a better Guyana, under the leadership of H.E. Donald Ramotar.

By Navendra Seoraj