Would any critic of the Attorney General agree to have their private conversations made public?


THE telephone tapping of a private conversation between the Attorney General Anil Nandlall and an employee at Kaieteur News, and the subsequent releasing of a conversation by the Publisher of Kaieteur News Glenn Lall, shows once again how unethical, callous, and hypocritically one sided this man is. 

Let us not forget it was the same Glenn Lall who only months earlier, hacked into the email account of Head of the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) Khurshid Sattaur while on his campaign to besmirch Sattaur’s character.
Lall did so because it was the GRA that launched investigations into a number of fraudulent tax crimes that were orchestrated by the Kaieteur News publisher. Primary among them is the attempt by Lall to rob the Government of over $100M in duty for two luxury vehicles. Incidentally, the GRA head also expressed, prior to the release of this information, the fear that his phones were being tapped by Kaieteur News.
Now in addition to hacking emails of persons, the Publisher of Kaieteur News, it seems, is also tapping their phone conversations and this is my contention: how is it that Glenn Lall is illegally intercepting the private communications of persons, clearly not intended for public consumption, via hacking and phone tapping and is not facing the full force of the law?
Lall is making himself out as the victim, crying crocodile tears, but doesn’t he know that when he publishes on a daily basis those malicious, libelous and misconstrued articles about senior government functionaries and their families, in addition to ordinary citizens and private entities that are not in conformation of what he is doing, those same persons are hurt and in tears also.
I have heard the alleged conversation between Mr. Nandlall and Mr. Gildarie (from Kaieteur News), I say alleged because I understand that some manipulation was done to the information that was intercepted. I am of the view that what was purportedly said between the Attorney General and the Kaieteur News reporter was said because, the Attorney General was highly annoyed that while he was out of the country, on government business, Kaieteur News took the opportunity to berate his relative in his absence. Upon his return he confided his annoyance with the reporter, whom I understand is a good friend of his for over 30 years dating back to the days when they were school mates.
The conversation, it seems, was light hearted and intended to be a gaff between the two persons. Yet, the Publisher of Kaieteur News who apparently has tapped into the phone conversations of all of his employees saw the conversation as an opportunity to paint the picture that the Government is after him, when clearly he is using that as a smoke screen to divert the attention from the real problems that he is facing, where he is embattled in the Courts, trying to defend his corruption.
It’s saddening, to see that the Guyana Press Association (GPA) and the Guyana Human Rights Association (GHRA) stood in solidarity with Glenn Lall knowing full well the type of sensationalistic journalism the Kaieteur News is synonymous with and more so, that the publisher of this news outfit is openly vocal about his exploits of intercepting private communications of persons via hacking their emails and tapping their phones, which are crimes that are very serious and are harshly sanctioned. Not to mention a gross violation of the human right to privacy.
To those who are being openly critical about the Attorney General such as, Moses Nagamootoo, Khemraj Ramjattan, Ronald Burch-Smith and the usual cabal, whom have taken a biased, opposition oriented stance, I challenge, who among you would acquiesce to the illegal tapping of a random private conversation that you would have had in the last month and have that conversation manipulated, distorted and published in the daily newspaper?
In this day and age of technology, if we can’t protect the privacy of communication between persons, then our civil society will descend into anarchy. It is my belief that to further his selfish agenda, the publisher of Kaieteur News is willing to allow that anarchy to manifest itself.