Cathy Hughes splitting hairs : …says Attorney General


Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs Mr. Anil Nandlall has responded to statements made yesterday by Opposition MP Cathy Hughes in which she denies being Public Relations Officer for Synergy.

However, Mr. Nandlall is contending that her Video Mega Productions was involved in public relations work for the Amaila Project, Sithe Global and Synergy, and so she could hardly deny her involvement in the process.
Following is a statement issued by Mr. Nandlall last evening:

“I wish to respond and I resolutely maintain that a business of Cathy Hughes, known as Video Mega Productions, was hired to do public relations work for the Amaila Falls Project, Sithe Global and Synergy.
In this regard, an interview was done with Mr. Fip Motilall in which he spoke extensively about the project and his involvement in the project; also, other promotional work was done by Cathy Hughes’s public relations outfit in respect of the same hydro project.
These materials were aired on television, and were extensively published in the newspapers.
Why there is now an attempt to deny these facts of public notoriety is indeed bewildering.”
Mr. Nandlall pointed out that though Mrs. Hughes was not personally employed as PRO at the company, her public relations business worked on behalf of the company .
“And so she is in fact splitting hairs,” Mr. Nandlall concluded