Police officers display unprofessional behaviour


I was the victim of harassment by two police officers in a white police car with licence plate PKK 2386, on Monday April 30, 2013.
I was driving along Church Street trying to get to work at around 10:45 hours when two police officers in the above mentioned vehicle pulled me over and accused me of using my cell phone while driving. After explaining to the officer that I wasn’t on my cell phone and my hands were just on my cheeks as I drove, he became very aggressive in the manner and tone in which he started speaking. The police officer then proceeded to take my licence and registration and went to the police vehicle parked in front of me and stood there for about 20 minutes then returned and asked me to drive to the traffic headquarters, which I did immediately. After 45 minutes of waiting at the station the two officers were still nowhere to be found.
I’m very unhappy with this situation for many reasons. The officer refused to give his name, he wrote down my information and never reported to the station with it which I believe shouldn’t be. That information can be passed to anyone and used for anything since it was crystal clear the officer had no intention of using it at a police station to write a charge, etc. Also, I would like to suggest that officers should be trained properly on their observational and conversational skills.