M& CC… : Kite-flying a gesture of faith in a new reality


“Fellow Citizens,
Happy Easter!

“Today, we celebrate a very significant day in the Christian Calendar. It is a time when we reflect upon the life, teachings and sacrifice, of Jesus the Christ.  It is one of the most joyous days in the Christian community. “Easter celebrations have come to characterize the period when Guyanese, from different strata of our society, come together to indulge in the traditional kite flying and other merry-making activities.  The act of kite-flying is a gesture of faith in a new reality.
“For us in Georgetown, it is the reality of a clean and healthy city, with positive features of clean and flowing drains, unencumbered parapets and pavements, and effective and efficient public health management systems.  It is the reality of good neighbourliness, and the development of our local communities.
“The Mayor and Councillors hope that as you raise your kites to the winds, that you would contemplate ways of lifting your neighbourhoods to a place of good environmental health and stewardship.  The Council hopes that you would seek suitable ways to deal with the many social and environmental challenges facing your communities.
“Perhaps, one way to approach the improvement of communities is for citizens to organize themselves into strong community development groups and mobilize resources to improve the physical state of their natural environmental.
“The City Council is encouraging all citizens to follow the teachings, principles, and virtues of that prophet (Jesus Christ), and to work together to restore Georgetown to its former healthy state.  
“Once again, Happy Easter!”