FITUG … : Easter message transcends, religion, faith


“From the joyous spring festival of Holi/Phagwah less than one week ago, Guyana now experiences the reflections and joy of another religious-oriented observance: Easter. “Though Christian in origin and character, the message and theme of Easter transcends any one group or faith. They are universal in meaning and spirit, and applicable to all mankind. For they depict most dramatically, the worst and best in mankind. Though prophesized to occur, the politics and might of Roman power to silence a religious leader – turned Saviour, exposed the ignorance, misused authority and savagery of a minority to subvert a people’s search for spiritual comfort and purity whilst sharing in their society’s resources.
“The Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Guyana (FITUG) relates to these events of 2,013 years ago as we embrace the rituals and celebratory aspects of Easter, the foundation of the Christian Faith. We appreciate that the execution of Jesus of Nazareth was never an end but the beginning of one of human-kind’s most powerful spiritual movements, the guiding principles of which make for wholesome, productive living for all, Christian and non-Christian alike.
 “The story of the resurrection which Christians hold dear, however, submerges the Crucifixion on the Cross. Whether the resurrection is myth or reality, the powerful message of hope, the guarantee of life of the risen lord, motivates a huge proportion of humanity to hold fast to a faith of sacrifice for the greater good.
 “FITUG enjoins Christians at this time to spread the message of the resurrection to all Guyanese. Sacrifice and hope, as in other religions, flow freely from that Old Rugged Cross. Even as all Guyanese join Christians in the more celebratory aspects of Easter – from cross buns to kite flying. FITUG urges the celebrants not to waste the promise of the resurrection. “