Surveillance camera captured jailed phone thief


SOOKRAM Ramnarine (no address given) was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment yesterday, on conviction for simple larceny.

Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry imposed the custodial penalty on him after he pleaded guilty to the charge.
Particulars of the offence said, last November 20, he stole one BlackBerry cell phone, valued $25,000, property of Asraf Mohammed.
Police Corporal Vinetta Pindar, prosecuting, said the convict went into the virtual complainant’s shop, where the phone was on the counter and picked it up when the owner turned his back.
The prosecutor said the surveillance camera in the business place captured the defendant removing the phone and he is a known character, having been previously convicted twice for the same crime.
The prisoner begged for a chance, promising he will never steal again and claimed that he stole the phone because he worked with the virtual complainant who refused to pay him.