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Choices and Change: Life’s Realities

Snr. Reinforcement Officer, Durwin Humphrey (with gun), plays the role of an angry drug dealer at the recent CARICOM workshop on the Use of Edutainment for Primary Drug Prevention, in Antigua & Barbuda, which was also attended by Snr. Scriptwriter, Kojo McPherson. (Photo courtesy of Merundoi)

WHEN WATER throw away ah ground, yuh can’t pick am up. 

That’s what Unique tries to tell Rhonda after a day of surprises in court.

Angie is back on the scene, and teams up with ‘Stitchie’… and that’s a mean pair. What are they up to now???

How does Devine deal with adolescence, and how does Kevin add to her challenges?

Anil also has to deal with challenges, and this time, it’s anger. And James and Vernon put their plan into action.

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