Employers can be prosecuted for noncompliance…


-Labour Officer warns at LOSH seminar
CHIEF Labour Officer, Yogenand Persaud, said employers have a responsibility to provide protective gear against all possible environmental risks including dust, sound, heat and light, warning that they can also be prosecuted for non-compliance.

Persaud said the tasks may seem burdensome but negation of such duties can prove costly should the issue of compensation or insurance payout arise.
The Chief Labour Officer made the statement to stakeholders in the building industry at the ‘Safety and Health in Construction’ Seminar held at the Cheddi Jagan Research Centre (Red House) yesterday.

He noted that occupational health and safety is everyone’s business because of its direct link to life and livelihood as well as its effect on productivity and efficiency.

“It can reduce efficiency and affect the ultimate purpose of the business which is – making a profit,” the Chief Labour Officer said.
He stated that under the Labour Occupational Safety and Health (LOSH) Act, employers are expected to report accidents and fatalities and even near misses.

“You must keep an accident register where these things must be recorded and you must also insist on the adherence to safety measures,” Persaud explained.

He disclosed that the Ministry of Labour has a duty to police and ensure compliance with safety standards and in accordance with the Workers Compensation Act.

Persaud mentioned that construction has become one of the more significant industries with dynamics that lend itself to plenty of hazards.
The participants also benefitted from a presentation by construction and engineering expert, Dr Charles Garrett who said it was important to improve the ability of employers and employees to recognise, avoid and prevent all types of workplace hazards.

Deputy Chief Labour Officer, Clive Nurse told the audience that the ministry has a mandate to ensure that the workplace is safe and healthy and urged them to use the information gathered to better the environment in which they work. (GINA)