The Gift of stamp collecting
A sample of some of the Christmas- themed stamps available for collection at the Guyana Philatelic Library at GPO
A sample of some of the Christmas- themed stamps available for collection at the Guyana Philatelic Library at GPO

– A Christmas Collection of Memories
THIS Christmas you can make gift-giving simple by gifting yourself or family and friends a Christmas collection of memories through Christmas-themed stamps.

It is a unique and timeless gift of stamp collecting that can quickly evolve into a hobby aimed at bringing timeless hours of enjoyment. It also allows you to create a collection of Christmas-themed postage stamps that will become cherished memories.

The Guyana Philatelic Library, located at the Georgetown Post Office in Booth Six, has a library of stamps. That library is a treasure trove for philatelists, offering many resources to fuel your passion for stamp collecting.
The Guyana Philatelic Library provides all the tools and knowledge you need to kickstart and maintain a collection. Their kits typically include a selection of Christmas-themed postage stamps, stamp album pages, magnifying glasses, and informative guides on the world of philately. This makes it easy for beginners to dive into the fascinating world of stamp collecting.

Collecting Christmas stamps is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the history and artistry of these miniature masterpieces and a great way to bond with family and friends.
“You can spend quality time together, searching for unique stamps, learning about their origins, and sharing stories behind each piece. It’s a hobby that bridges generations and fosters a sense of wonder and curiosity,” said Ann Wood, President of the Guyana Philatelic Society and Library.

She related that as people gather Christmas-themed postage stamps, they will discover a world of creativity, culture, and holiday traditions from around the globe.
Wood added that each stamp tells a unique story, whether it’s a depiction of Santa Claus from the North Pole or a beautiful nativity scene from a distant country.
“Collecting these stamps allows you to explore the different ways people celebrate Christmas and appreciate the artistry that goes into creating them,” she said.

According to Wood, stamp collecting can be a rewarding and educational hobby. It enhances your knowledge of geography, history, and design, making it an ideal pastime for individuals of all ages. Over time, your Christmas stamp collection can become a valuable and meaningful gift that can be passed down through generations, creating a beautiful family tradition, she explained. Wood stated that it is an exceptional and thoughtful present that will continue to bring joy and wonder for years. She also expressed gratitude to the Guyana Philatelic Library for establishing the library of stamps.

Wood added that the memories you create will be priceless via stamp collection and make this holiday season special by embarking on a philatelic adventure that celebrates the spirit of Christmas.
Prime Minister Mark Phillips officially opened the Guyana Philatelic Library on May 20, 2021, at the Guyana Post Office Corporation building at Booth Six after which a silent auction took place.

The purpose of the Guyana Philatelic Society is to create greater interest and activity in the study of British Guiana and Guyana stamps and postal history and to provide up-to-date information on Guyana Stamps.

The staff is there to assist collectors in building bigger and better collections by providing greater opportunities to obtain philatelic material and educate Guyana’s youth on stamp collecting.


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