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A theatre connoisseur’s journey in the local arts industry and promoting Guyana

GEM Madhoo Nascimento is a true patriot and a theatre extraordinaire. Having joined Guyana’s theatre society in 1974, she has played a significant role in producing, directing, and doing various aspects of theatre over the many years.
The Pepperpot Magazine spoke with her as she related the many aspects of theatre life that she has been involved in over these years.

“I started theatre in 1974 when I was working at the bank, and I joined the PSU drama group under the directorship of Francis Quamina Farrier. At the time, I was just looking to do something other than my regular work,“ Gem said during her interview.
Also at that time, the production team toured all across Guyana, including Essequibo and Linden.

In 1978, Francis Quamina Farrier produced a play for Independence called “The Journey to Freedom” and Gem was integrally a part of that production.
The play was first staged at the Multilateral School, and later on, it was staged at the Theatre Guild.
“It was during my tenure at the Theatre Guild, when I joined in 1978, that I learned a lot of things, including stage management, props, bottom housing, and business management,” Gem explained.

She recalled that 1981 was the time when people were leaving Guyana, but she came back home because of what was happening in Guyana. She and others made a career out of their theatrical experiences and this opportunity allowed her to launch Gem’s Theatre Company in 2001.
“We were the only company, I think, to date that has made many international tours. We have done nearly a dozen international tours to the Caribbean Islands with plays, to the States and Canada with Link Show. I don’t know of any other company that has done that to date,” Gem told the Pepperpot Magazine.

Since 2001, Gem has done many shows, including teaming up with Paul Keens Douglas and his brother, classical and piano concerts, and much more. Gem also launched a tourism booklet from an idea she got while travelling to and from Barbados in 2007. The booklet entitled “Guyana Where & What” primarily focuses on everything you need to know and everywhere you need to go.
According to Gem, the booklet examines prominent places such as the National Assembly, hotels and guest houses, eco wonders, recreational spots, shopping, and sports, among other places.

The small booklet, which can fit into a small bag, is basically a guide to some of the main tourist sites in the country, as well as topical issues that are discussed regularly, such as climate change, the economy, natural resources, Guyanese proverbs, fishing and so much more.
Gem says that the publication has found its way into many schools for teachers interested in expanding their knowledge of Guyana and sharing it with their students. The guidebook is full of information for both Guyanese and visitors to our shores.

The book is free and is paid for by various client advertising. She explained that during the COVID years, it was very difficult to upkeep publishing, but thanks to the continuous support of many Government Agencies and some private sector organisations, only one year was missed.
The 140-page guidebook continues to provide an exceptionally useful guide for the many visitors to our shores, whether on holiday or business. The detailed map of Georgetown and Guyana in the book provides very useful information to assist the visitor to wind their way around the city and country.


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