‘We keep our word!’
Prime Minister, Brigadier (Ret’d) Mark Phillips addresses a roaring crowd at South Ruimveldt (Delano Williams photo)
Prime Minister, Brigadier (Ret’d) Mark Phillips addresses a roaring crowd at South Ruimveldt (Delano Williams photo)

–Dr. Jagdeo tells Georgetown residents the PPP/C is not an elections only party; says its track record of delivering speaks for itself


THE People’s Progressive Party/ Civic (PPP/C), on Thursday, made another appeal to Georgetown residents for a chance to get their vote and lead the municipality, as General Secretary of the PPP, Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo, called on residents to trust in the party’s promises to develop the city.

As the Local Government Elections (LGEs) campaigning comes down the final stretch with just three days remaining until the country heads to the polls, the PPP/C held two public meetings on Thursday evening, when residents of Georgetown were introduced to the various candidates who are the face of the party at this year’s LGEs.

Addressing the first meeting at the South Ruimveldt GWI well site, the various candidates, many of whom were Afro Guyanese, spoke about the different development plans for their respective constituencies and laid out their case for why they should be voted for.

The penultimate speaker of the evening, Dr. Jagdeo told the sizeable gathering that every commitment being made by the candidates will come to pass if the PPP/C is given a chance to lead Georgetown.

“I came here tonight to look every one of you in your faces and say the promises made by our candidates have the full support of the PPP. We take campaigning seriously when we say something, we mean it. We work very hard against all odds. We are a serious party and take our promises seriously,” Dr. Jagdeo related to his audience.

A section of the massive crowd at the South Ruimveldt GWI well site (Delano Williams photo)

To make his case, Dr. Jagdeo pointed to the many commitments that were contained in the PPP/C’s manifesto, which was unveiled for the 2020 General and Regional Elections. The General Secretary also alluded to many of the promises that have already been fulfilled.

He said the same approach taken at the central government level can be expected to filter down to the local government level.

“We are about progress. Every day you see us we are doing something,” Dr. Jagdeo said.

He contrasted the PPP/C’s approach with that of the main political opposition, A Partnership for National Unity (APNU), led by the People’s National Congress Reform (PNC/R).
Dr. Jagdeo pointed out that the APNU failed to implement many of its 2015 manifesto promises when the party took over central government that year. He said the difference between the PPP and the APNU are glaring.

“We keep our word. We are not an elections only party like they are, they only show up at elections time. You will always have a sympathetic ear from us in the good times and in the bad. We love this country dearly we work for people of every race, every religion. You will see the difference between us and APNU. We keep faith with people and we keep our promises,” Dr. Jagdeo said.

Also speaking at the public meeting was Prime Minister, Brigadier (Ret’d) Mark Phillips, who called on the residents to allow the PPP/C to “take Georgetown to a higher place”.
“Every year we [central government] throw a lot of money at City Council and they can’t show us what they do with that money. Our candidates, they will bring a higher level of commitment, working overtime to improve the life and livelihood of all of us who live in Georgetown,” Prime Minister Phillips said.


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