‘We will stand behind every promise’ – Jagdeo tells Berbice
General Secretary of the PPP/C, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo greeting supporters
General Secretary of the PPP/C, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo greeting supporters

“WE will stand behind every promise made here by the councillors today,” General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C), Dr Bharrat Jagdeo assured residents of Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) who gathered at Republic Square in Corriverton, East Berbice on Saturday evening for a public meeting.

It is part of a series of meetings planned ahead of Local Government Elections which is slated for June 12, 2023.
Speaking to a massive crowd of supporters decked out in PPP colours, Jagdeo reiterated that the PPP/C is the only party that has a proven track record on delivering promises made.
And to prove his point, he highlighted that the party has achieved almost 90 per cent of the commitments made in its manifesto despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jagdeo assured the residents that the councillors will have the full support of the party and government in executing works as promised to make the lives of their constituents and every Guyanese better. He noted that the hierarchy is keen on transparency, and councillors are asked to live stream their meetings so that residents can be kept abreast of all that is happening and can hold those in authority accountable.

He implored residents not to take the local government elections lightly since this is the stepping stone to general and regional elections in 2025.
“We fielded in these elections over 2,000 candidates. We are the only party that is contesting in all 80 of the local government areas. We have over 26,000 backers; no other political party can match that record.
“This party has been converted from just an ordinary political party into a movement for progress across Guyana. It is now you hear people describing us as the red wave taking over the country because people have seen our track record; they have seen that we are fixed on making progress for the entire nation and they want to be associated with that party, and so in these very elections, we have already won 291 of the 610 constituencies because nobody else can contest there,” Jagdeo told residents.

He urged residents to ensure they vote on June 12.
“Because the biggest fight we have now is not a fight against APNU; it’s a fight against complacency among many of the supporters and members of the People’s Progressive Party. When I travelled the country, as we have done, people say they don’t attach much importance to local government elections. They said to me, ‘We are waiting for the big one in 2025.’
“But if you understand the nature of politics, these elections are just as important as 2025 because it’s important that in every one of these local government areas, that we have councillors that are like-minded with that of the People’s Progressive Party who are focused on development and addressing people’s concerns. We can’t wait for 2025; we have to grow the party now and we have to and we depend on you to do this,” the General Secretary contended.

Meanwhile, the councillors representing their respective constituencies addressed the mammoth crowd and committed to ensuring the lives of residents will be transformed, and that development will be evident.
In fact, George Davis, one of the candidates, alluded to many developments taking place in Corriverton presently, including the construction of new roads, drains; the construction of a park and new housing schemes, and job opportunities.


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