Major developments coming for Kwakwani
President, Dr. Irfaan Ali, addressing residents of Kwakwani during a public meeting on Saturday (Office of the President photos)
President, Dr. Irfaan Ali, addressing residents of Kwakwani during a public meeting on Saturday (Office of the President photos)

– community tourism facility, housing development project on the cards

WITH plans on the cards for a Community Tourism Facility, support for housing development programme and the deployment of a team of specialists from Cuba to expand a community honey production project, several major developments are in the works for the Upper Demerara-Berbice Region (Region 10) village of Kwakwani.
The logging community is also set to be among those benefitting, when disbursements begin in a few weeks, from the $900 million revolving fund established between the government and Demerara Bank to boost production in Guyana’s forestry sector.
These developments and more were disclosed by the President, Dr. Irfaan Ali, on Saturday during a public meeting in Kwakwani, where the Head of State outlined the People’s Progressive Party Civic’s (PPP/C’s) track record of developmental programmes.
He used the opportunity to implore residents of Kwakwani to vote with their conscience when they go to the polls on June 12 for the Local Government Elections (LGE).

President Ali called on those gathered to remember that though the choice is theirs to make, the decision of choosing their government, and ultimately their leaders is a very important decision that they must think carefully about.
“It must be a decision that is made with your conscience. It must be a decision that is made with honesty and dignity. It must be a decision that is made with a clear mind, clear thinking.
“It must be a decision that is based on facts and truth. I am convinced that if you make a decision based on honesty, based on facts, based on dignity, there is no way you can make a decision in this Local Government Elections (LGE) without voting for the PPP/C,” Dr. Ali said to resounding applause from the gathering
He added, “Be true to your conscience and vote solidly for the PPP/C. We will be investing in the housing programme here; we will be supporting housing improvement project in the coming year. Kwakwani, vote with your conscience, vote with honesty and dignity. Deliver to Kwakwani the good strong leadership of the PPP/C.”

According to the President, the government has already spent tens of millions of dollars in agriculture, and with spending only expected to grow, Kwakwani is poised to get its fair share of the expenditure pie.
“What is our plan to open up the agricultural sector in this region? We want to push honey production. We can help in the marketing of this product. In the coming years, you will see investment in this area so that we can make Kwakwani a major producer of honey for Guyana and the region.

“We are already discussing with the Cuban government to have a specialised team that will come here to help us develop this industry. So, when you vote you are voting for the future, you are voting to advance these projects,” Dr Ali related.
But agriculture is not the only area where Guyana has been growing. Over the past few years, Guyana has been developing a burgeoning tourism industry, with massive increase in arrivals at all of Guyana’s international ports of entry, according to statistics by the Tourism Authority. And based on research done by the authorities, there is particular interest in eco-tourism, and environmentally friendly forms of tourism. And in this sector, too, Kwakwani is set to get its share.

“In the coming months and years, we will be working with you to develop a community tourism facility here in Kwakwani so that you can develop your tourism sector with the beauty of nature that surrounds you,” Dr Ali said.
Kwakwani is one of 80 Local Authority Areas (LAA) being contested at the upcoming LGE. The LAA has a council with 12 seats. The PPP/C will be contesting in the Proportional Representation (PR) aspect of the elections in that LAA.
The Kwakwani meeting was one of two rallies held in Region 10 on Saturday, as the PPP/C beefs up its campaign with just days to go until the elections. A public meeting was also held at the MacKenzie Market in Linden.


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