Joinery has its place in the world

–Bringing value to all who utilise the skill

THROUGHOUT our local history, joinery has had a prominent position and place in the lives of Guyanese, and today, it seems that many young people are filled with renewed energy and eagerness for the craft.

For the owner of a small business, Clarity, Transparency and Originality Guaranteed Designs (CTXOG), joinery is an art, and they are committed to ensuring their customers get the best quality wood products.

The Pepperpot Magazine sat down with CTXOG’s founder and Managing Director, Sean ‘JJ’ Griffith, who explained his company’s goals and objectives.

Since it is being recognised that joinery is a dying profession, Sean plans to train particularly young people to have a passion for the skill.

“As a company, we are going to start bringing youths and train them, thus giving them the skills they require to move forward,” Griffith said.

He noted during his interview that there are a few persons the company has directly impacted since its training sessions have started.

Griffith said the company’s products are unique in design and quality, and can be found nowhere else in the country.

Griffith also said that despite the challenges that come with the execution of the trade, two persons with disabilities were able to find employment with the company.

“We have one young guy who is disabled, and we have another person who lost one of his legs due to diabetes, and therefore cannot move as agile as he used to, but the knowledge he has is irreplaceable. He serves in an advisory position,“ Griffith said.

He noted that both men are able to meet the challenges that come with the job, and they both absolutely love their craft and their jobs. So, for them, they don’t see it as hard work.
Griffith said his company has plans to expand from its current location in Guyhoc Park.

According to Griffith, there are also plans to train more young people in the craft of joinery.

“Challenges have been quite a few, but mainly not being able to meet customers‘ deadline, joiners leave, someone hasn’t showed up at work…Finances was another issue if we had a budget to work with, we would have gone much further along,” Griffith noted during his interview.

What makes our company distinguishable?

“Customers makes us distinguishable, particularly customers who would have dealt with someone before and they would have had to come to us and after we would explain certain things, then they would have recognised what they wanted correctly,” Griffith explained.

On their facebook page, Griffith noted that a number of persons have testified their satisfaction with the service received.

Griffith began his operation during the pandemic period and is looking to expand his operations to other parts of the country, and as he expressed anywhere he can get land to build his warehouse facility.

Griffith also expressed that a love, passion for the craft of joinery.


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