Cane cutter’s daughter turns self-published author
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Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill and author, Janet Dorie
Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill and author, Janet Dorie

-Aims to share her teachings with the world using her new book

By Trina Williams
FROM the daughter of a cane-cutter to a self-published author, Janet Dorie has managed to defy the odds and come out on top.

Dorie’s most recent self-published book, “360 Pieces of Diamond” which was launched on February 22, welcomed the support of many, including her former student, Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill.

After years of travelling and interacting with people from all walks of life, Dorie was able to put pen to paper, reflect on her spiritual journey, and share her teachings on how one can live a prosperous and peaceful life.

Deeming her writing as an escape from the struggles her family faced because of colonialism, Dorie aimed to reach for the stars.

Recapping her journey, the author stated that, at the tender age of four, her father took her brother and her to the canefield to watch him work.

When Dorie questioned her dad as to why he had to work in the scorching sun, she recalled him stating that because they were descendants from India, they did not have the privilege of knowing how to “read and write” and thus, the only way “to put food on the table” was to work in the sun.

To this day, Dorie said that her heart still ache thinking about her family’s struggles and how they shaped her into the woman she is today.

A “diamond-like life”
With the life motto: “always have an honest heart, a clean mind and a humble nature” Dorie based her book on spiritual teachings that she can attest to.

Describing her most recent book as a “diamond-like” life, the author, in an exclusive interview with the Pepperpot Magazine shared how anyone can be a diamond.

Using a philosophical approach, Dorie tackled the true value of a diamond, from its “rough cut” phase straight to the polished stage.

Comparing humans to diamonds, with lines like “the colours depict its various qualities”, the author uses subtle metaphors to illustrate how one can shine in any dark room, just like a diamond.
Moreover, she stated that the book, which contains 360 daily reminders, can help anyone become a “flawless diamond.”

Additionally, tackling the gloomy state that many go through in their everyday lives with what one would consider ‘stressful’ tasks, Dorie asserted that if one does one’s actions with God in one’s mind and heart, many of one’s daily activities would become easy.

Promising lessons that will shape one into an “extraordinary valuable being” Minister Edghill stated at the book launch as he commended the works of Dorie.

Feeling “overjoyed” to be present at the book launch, the Minister was thrilled with the accomplishments of his former physical education teacher.

“Those who are associated with this national library…will be able to tell you there was a period in Guyana when nothing was written and nothing was published,” he said.

More so, he labelled the book launch as an indication that the “creative spirit of Guyanese is still alive.”

In a dark and hopeless period in Guyana, Minister Edghill described the will and spirit of the people as “depressed”, where creativity was lost and they were in despair.

Hence, he took the time to not only acknowledge but also celebrate the work of Guyanese contributors, in this case, Dorie.

“As a country, we should be proud of all of our artistes. We should be proud of all of our poets. We should be proud of all of our historians,” he noted.

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