Jawalla Village Council gets $20M judgement against GGMC, miner in trespassing case

JUSTICE Sandil Kissoon has ordered the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) and a gold miner to pay $20 million to the Jawalla Village Council for trespassing on village lands and breaching the Amerindian Act.

The ruling was handed down on January 30, at the Demerara High Court.

The Akewaio village, located on the Mazaruni River, was represented by Jed Vasconcellos of Hughes Fields and Stoby and the defendants were represented by Roysdale Forde S.C.

Jawalla Village Council was awarded $10 million in damages for trespass and another $10 million is to be jointly paid by the GGMC, James Kwakowsy, and Timna Mining, for breaching the provisions of the Amerindian Act.

The council was also awarded $1 million in costs.

The judgment stemmed from the permission granted by the GGMC to Kwakowsky and Timna Mining to conduct mining activities in the Mazaruni River which passes through the village.

Several demands were made by the council for the mining activities and the granting of permission to mine in the area, to cease. However, GGMC and the miner ignored the demands.


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