Granger ‘robbed youths’ of opportunities
Attorney-at-Law, James Bond
Attorney-at-Law, James Bond

–Bond says; praises President Ali for ‘exceptional job’ done so far in reaching out to non-traditional bases, governing impartially

ATTORNEY-AT-LAW and former APNU+AFC party representative, James Bond, in a recent interview, said that Former President David Granger robbed youths of opportunities during his stint as Head of State.

In an interview with the Big Smith News Watch, Bond said he was “no fan of President Granger” and added that he believes the former President did a great injustice to young people.

During the interview, he related that in 2015, he was asked about some of the things that he was disappointed with during that time: one of the issues was that not enough young people were in parliament.

According to Bond, he had registered this view publicly since then, noting: “I said there’s not enough young people, I don’t know if there’s a distrust for young people.”

He went on to say that people must understand that youths make mistakes, but with guidance, they could be good.

“You got to give young people the opportunity and that is something he robbed young people of during his presidency,” Bond said.

He further noted that there were many things that he could critique about the Granger Presidency, a lot of which made supporters in their main constituencies disgruntled as they were not seeing their representatives.

Bond said that these constituents did not see the President following the campaign season along with several other party leaders.

“As a President, he robbed Region Four of his presence,” he said.

Meanwhile, during the interview, Bond spoke on a number of issues including politics and President, Dr. Irfaan Ali’s presidency.

He related that President Ali is doing an exceptional job and has surprised lots of people throughout his tenure thus far. He admitted that he never expected the impact the President would have in touching the non-traditional bases.

“And he has been able to reach out to the non-traditional base, that is commendable and it shows that he wants to govern Guyana and not just govern for his supporters, that’s a good indication,” Bond said.

On that note, he added that one other credit that must go to the President is his leadership in the global sphere. Bond went on to say that President Ali has become a world leader in a number of areas inclusive of agriculture, tourism, the extractive industries and more.

He further stressed that even though he may be a part of the People’s National Congress/Reform (PNC/R), he can say that the President has been doing a good job.


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