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Kamrul Baksh, Director at the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA)
Kamrul Baksh, Director at the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA)

–with launch of six new experiential products

THE Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce and the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) unveiled six new experiential tourism products on Wednesday aimed at promoting sustainable and affordable experiences across destination Guyana, and contributing to economic advancement.

As part of the calendar of activities in observance of Tourism Awareness Month 2022, which is being celebrated under the theme, “All Sectors, One Tourism,” the product launch held at the Promenade Gardens (Georgetown) shed light on the major transformation occurring in the tourism sector to spotlight Guyana’s spectacular grandeur and the culturally diverse people, cuisines and attractions to local and international tourists.

Additionally, the collaborative efforts between the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) and private sector tourism stakeholders, were also highlighted during the launch.
During her address at the launch, Roselyn Sewcharran, Founder of Wanderlust Adventures GY, said that three unique and fun products were introduced in keeping with the meaning of the tour company’s name, Wanderlust, which speaks to a person’s inherent desire to travel.

Sewcharran related that the first tour, Rainforest Escape, creates an immersive experience in nature to allow persons the luxury of escaping the hustle and bustle of the city, to go on “a journey of self-discovery.”

Wanderlust Adventures GY in collaboration with Gobin’s Farm and Kitchen launched three new tourism products on Wednesday

Also serving as a source of relaxation and rejuvenation with activities such as yoga and meditation, sip and paint and hiking, the Rainforest Escape tour is perfect for persons to become attuned to their minds, bodies and souls, while experiencing the best of nature.

Secondly, the Farm-to-Table tour in collaboration with Gobin’s Farm and Kitchen at Parika, Region Three (Essequibo Islands-West Demerara), creates the opportunity for people to enjoy farming and natural outdoor adventures, and a seamless flow of other agriculture-based activities.

Those activities are also meant to create awareness of the importance of farming to communities and the environment, Sewcharran highlighted.

“Understanding the value of farming not only produces growth of food but [also] growth of community,” she said, adding: “We are here to advance and improve agri-tourism, educating persons on food security, and attracting tourists.”

Trail Masters Adventure Tours launched three new tourism products on Wednesday

As regards advancing sustainability, Sewcharran believes the focus on planting local produce while enjoying nature’s wonders is critical to developing agricultural tourism in Region Three and, by extension, Guyana.

Speaking at the launch, Vilas Gobin of Gobin’s Farm and Kitchen, said that tourists could visit the expansive farm for a wonderful stay to connect with nature and agriculture, since it boasts a variety of tree and plant species.

For persons seeking to experience the ultimate nightlife in the streets of Georgetown, Sewcharran put forward that the third tour, called GT Bar Crawl, which offers a series of safe, exciting and entertaining bar-hopping activities to several night clubs, bars and popular hangout spots.

Christopher Chin, owner of Trail Masters Tour, said that there are currently several premier tourism packages developed by the company, which highlight the country’s tourism and hospitality landscape in a way that attracts tourists.

One of the three signature tours launched by the tour operator is the Lake Capoey Expedition that provides tourists with a fun-filled travel experience to Lake Capoey, which is considered to be one of the largest lakes in Guyana.

In addition, tourists will get to fuel their adventurous spirit and appreciate nature’s beauty through a tour of Yarrowkabra and its environs. This tour experience includes a range of recreational activities such as birdwatching, fishing, swimming and hiking.

The Tri-Island Experience boasts an amazing boat tour along the mighty Essequibo River to engage in island hopping from Hogg Island to Wakenaam Island then to Leguan Island.

Director of the Guyana Tourism Authority, Kamrul Baksh, said the tourism products and itineraries are designed and developed through a partnership between the GTA and tour operators.

This, he said, has helped the organisation to surpass the initial target for the year and thus far, a total of 13 new tourism products have been introduced in 2022. As a result, the aim to diversify tourism experiences in Guyana has reached newer heights heading into 2023.

“It is wonderful to have the cooperation and willingness from the private sector to develop these tours. Guyana is poised to welcome new visitors and to attract new markets and this is exactly what we need, new experiences for persons to explore this beautiful destination,” Baksh said, noting: “The development of these six experiences give persons the opportunity to travel and experience this beautiful country.”

Baksh emphasised that the GTA intends to continue its collaboration with tourism stakeholders and private sector partners to introduce new experiences to the Guyanese marketplace. He indicated that there are several plans unfolding to enhance the product- development capacity and to support tour operators in ensuring the provision of world-class tourism services.

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