Aspiring surgeon is Victoria Primary’s top NGSA performer
Jevon Hunter and his mother, Nicola Wood
Jevon Hunter and his mother, Nicola Wood

WITH big plans for his future, Jevon Hunter was sure he would be successful in his National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA).

The 11-year-old Victorian emerged as the top pupil of his community’s primary school and secured a spot at the St. Joseph High School. The aspiring surgeon, in a recent interview with the Guyana Chronicle, shared that, while he was nervous about writing the examination, he was confident in himself and his abilities.

“I was very nervous but when I wrote it, I felt relieved,” a young Hunter said.

A lover of science, who is intrigued by anatomy, Hunter hopes to one day become a surgeon; hence, he intends to study hard when he starts secondary school.

He noted that while science is not the first pick for many, it is fun for him and is perhaps his curiosity of wanting to know that draws him to the subject.

“Science is a pretty fun subject once you get to know it… I want to become a doctor, a surgeon actually, because I really like medicine.”

While Hunter considers himself brilliant and having a photographic memory, he noted that preparing for the examinations was no easy task. He was not alone during this process.

The tremendous support he received from his parents, siblings and teachers, he said was what really led to his success.

Jevon Hunter, an aspiring surgeon is the top NGSA performer at the Victoria Primary School

“My sister she helped me with my projects and so, my mother, she helped me get my books as well as my father. My teachers, they helped me to study more and they motivated me. And I want to give thanks to my lesson teacher as well.”

Meanwhile, an overwhelmingly proud parent, Nicola Wood, said she was certain her son would do well in his examinations.

Wood, who is the mother to two other children, said herself and husband worked hard to ensure that their children were given the opportunities they were not able to have while growing up.

Wood is a vendor while her husband is a farmer.

“I’m a vendor at La Penitence Market and my husband, he does work on the farm and I does sell; I’m not cursing the selling work because it put my children through school, but I always said they have to do better. I am proud of Jevon. I am proud of all of my children,” the woman said with a gleaming smile on her face.

Praising her son, Wood described young Hunter as a brilliant lad, who loves to read.

“Jevon knows his books, he like to read; one time he will play games but what I like about Jevon you don’t have tell go and pick up his book, he will go and pick up his book, you don’t have to go and tell him go and do homework, he will go and do his work.”

The woman also spoke of her two other children, who she is equally proud of.

“My big son he is going to town school, he studied at UG [University of Guyana] and he’s pharmacist and he come good too and my daughter she came to this same school and she brilliant, right now she going TI [Technical Institution].”


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