Over $150M invested in Mocha-Arcadia
President, Dr Irfaan Ali and children of the Mocha-Arcadia community at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the rehabilitated Burnham Boulevard (Delano Williams photo)
President, Dr Irfaan Ali and children of the Mocha-Arcadia community at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the rehabilitated Burnham Boulevard (Delano Williams photo)

— President Ali tells Mocha-Arcadia residents, commissions Burnham Boulevard, contracts signed for two more road projects

TO resounding applause and loud cheers President, Dr Mohammed Irfaan Ali, along with several members of Cabinet on Sunday afternoon commissioned the Burnham Boulevard in Mocha-Arcadia, East Bank Demerara (EBD).

The rehabilitation and commissioning of the road comes on the heels of a request made by residents in a letter to the President detailing their frustrations of the once pothole-riddled access road. The road was rehabilitated to the tune of $56 million.

Additionally, during a meeting with residents at the Mocha-Arcadia Primary School, two contracts were signed for rehabilitation of the Barnwell Road to the tune of $46.2 million and for the rigid pavement of Cemetery Road to the tune $49.1 million.

“…that road has brought value to every single home in this community; it has increased the net value of your homes in this community,” President Ali told the large gathering.

“This is what infrastructure transformation brings. It brings an improvement in a net worth of the community. It brings an improvement in the net worth of properties. And when that happens, it takes up your net value. So, what we’re doing is adding value, building capacity, bringing hope and developing pride,” he added.

He noted that construction of the new East Bank Demerara road links aback Mocha-Arcadia, has seen the net value of properties within the community increased by 27 per cent.

The investments being made he added, will see the Mocha-Arcadia community becoming an important midpoint for further infrastructural development.

“Eventually, your village will be an important midpoint connecting a new town, new city, Silica City with Georgetown; more importantly, we are building all the connections into Georgetown and along the East Coast.”

The President, in further explaining the importance of building a value chain, said: “When you invest in a community, or you have a new development, there is an immediate transfer of value that comes to the communities around.”

Government is spending more than $192 million to reconstruct roads in the community.

President Ali addressing the concerns of Residents during a meeting at the Mocha-Arcadia Primary School (Delano Williams photo)

In adding value to the community, the President noted that the investments in people must also be made. As such, he has tasked Public Service Minister Sonia Parag with identifying young persons in the community who would like to be trained in technical education.

“In less than a year or year and a half we will need at least 3,000- 4,000 specialised welders who must be certified to serve the economy. Where are these welders going to come from? We are ready to make the investment in you, the young people to become certified so you can participate in this class,” the President said in an appeal to the youths.

He further urged residents to not listen to naysayers and thanked them for refuting calls to boycott the meeting.

“We must not lock ourselves out of these opportunities by subjecting ourselves to narrow thinking. I am not here to tell you that I want all of you here to vote for the PPP [People’s Progressive Party/Civic], I am here to tell you that I want all of you to benefit from the PPP government,” the President said.

Additionally, in addressing the concerns that were raised by residents, President Ali has vowed to the provide sufficient textbooks; address the restoration of much-needed Internet access; improve ventilation and oversee the construction of a disability ramp for the lone primary school in the community.

The President has also vowed to oversee rehabilitation of the community centre for the much-needed recreational facility.

Other matters to be addressed in the community are long-outstanding house lot applications, the provision of land titles and the reintegration of teen mothers into schools.

During the course of the new week, the President assured the residents that the respective ministers will return with technical teams to conduct assessments to address their concerns.

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