HerVenture mobile app aiming for 3,000 Guyanese women entrepreneurs by January
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Some of the key stakeholders involved in the Guyana launch of HerVenture in September 2021
Some of the key stakeholders involved in the Guyana launch of HerVenture in September 2021

ANGELY Seecharran of Berbice is one of the persons who absolutely fell in love with the new HerVenture Mobile Learning App that was launched in Guyana last September to provide women entrepreneurs with the resources they need to manage successful, progressive, small businesses.

The app was developed by the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women and was brought to Guyana in partnership with the ExxonMobil Foundation (Guyana) and ActionINVEST Caribbean Inc.

“It’s absolutely lovely. It’s perfect for small business,” Seecharran commented, having used the app herself in crafting a small online business. “[Users] can learn how to manage their money and how to advertise their business. I loved the e-commerce modules and digital marketing and analysis,” she expressed.

Angely Seecharran (left) receiving her certificate

Since its launch, HerVenture has been having a positive impact on Guyanese women entrepreneurs, providing them with essential knowledge and support to build confidence, enhance their business skills, find ways to network, increase income and profits, improve their customer base and transform their businesses.

Seecharran has found this to be true and has further shared how the app is capable of helping someone develop a long-term business.

ActionINVEST Caribbean Inc. (ACI) is the local delivery partner in Guyana currently engaged in promoting the app to Guyanese entrepreneurs who own small, medium or micro-sized businesses across local communities. So far, the app has reached more than 41,000 women around the world.

Ambrika Mayers, another user, shared how the app teaches an entrepreneur how to efficiently market his/her business. “I gained new knowledge and insight. It’s a great opportunity for women to develop themselves financially,” she noted.

Media Content Specialist Shari Simon has described the app as “fun and flexible,” and as one that fits into the busy lives of women. “It offers essential business training and support on the go and features nine learning tracks on a range of topics including launching a business, accessing finance, and expanding market access and e-commerce.”

The app generates a personalised learning journey for each entrepreneur based on their individual business needs and learning content is provided in bite-sized, easily digestible formats such as swipe-able cards and quizzes, and can be used offline.

Promoting the app to women entrepreneurs in Region Three

“Users can find and connect with each other, as well as learn about local business events. HerVenture can be adapted to any geography or language,” Simon noted about the app that is currently available for free on iOS and Android in Guyana, Vietnam, Indonesia, Kenya, South Africa, and Nigeria.

“HerVenture is an award-winning app, which in September 2021 had won the Digital Innovation of the Year Award at the UK’s Third Sector Awards. By end of January 2022, HerVenture aims to reach 3,000 women entrepreneurs in Guyana to bring relevant and easily accessible business knowledge and skills aimed to support women as they navigate the ‘new normal’ and transform their businesses,” Simon shared.

Usually, users are awarded a certificate and token for completing all modules of the app.

HerVenture was first launched in 2018 and was developed to empower and provide women owners and aspiring owners with the knowledge and skills to invest in their personal development and skills, and successfully grow their businesses.

“Through HerVenture, the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women provided access to thousands of women so they can leverage mobile technology, learning flexibility, skills development and business growth at the same time, as well as be empowered to close the gender gap in economic participation,” Simon explained.

The app was first developed and piloted in 2018 in Indonesia and Vietnam; in 2019 it was launched in Nigeria, in 2020 it was brought to Kenya and South Africa and recently in 2021, it was launched in Guyana.

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