De Clou siblings admitted to the bar 

IT was a bittersweet moment on Monday, when De Clou siblings – Ama, 25, and Delonte, 23, were admitted to the local bar by Acting Chief Justice Roxane George-Wiltshire.

Their petition was presented by attorney-at-law Rafiq Khan, S.C. Also, joining virtually was the siblings’ aunt, Justice Louise Esther Blenman, Justice of Appeal, Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court. She was invited to sit on the bench by the Chief Justice.

In 2019, the siblings commenced the first academic year of the two-year course of studies, assignments, examinations and practical training for their Legal Education Certificate (LEC) at the Hugh Wooding Law School (HWLS) in Trinidad. In September 2021, they were awarded their legal certification.

In her address to the court, Ama thanked her family for its support whether it be morally or financially. She explained that her brother was the perfect company and often challenged her to achieve her full potential.

“I remember in every class the lecturers would look at the class list and ask if we’re twins. I would dread getting picked on as a result. Today, I’m here to say that there is no one else that I would want to share this journey with besides you,” Ama said during her first address in court as a lawyer.

“Even though you are my little brother, you often picked up the role of the big brother whenever I needed someone to rely on. This journey was a tough one but it never felt like a solo one having you by my side. You don’t understand how much you have helped to shape me into becoming a better version of myself. I thank you. I love you and I’m very proud of us. We did it!,”  Ama said to her brother during her speech.
Meanwhile, Delonte thanked his sister, whom he said was one of his pillars of support throughout his legal journey and life. He expressed gratitude to his aunt, Justice Blenman, whom he said led the renaissance of lawyers in his family, including his mother, Gloria De Clou. He also thanked his older siblings who are doctors.

The Chief Justice welcomed the siblings to the bar and urged them to commit to the hard work that success entails and to commit to conducting thorough research to serve clients and the citizens of this nation.


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