UG publishes book on local business icon Dr. Yesu Persaud
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Dr. Yesu Persaud holds a copy of the “Dr. Yesu Persaud Iconic Leader in Business Innovation” published by the University of Guyana
Dr. Yesu Persaud holds a copy of the “Dr. Yesu Persaud Iconic Leader in Business Innovation” published by the University of Guyana

–publications on three other distinguished Guyanese to be released soon

THE University of Guyana Press (UGP) and the Office of Philanthropy, Alumni and Civic Engagement (PACE) officially launched the first of a series of books focusing on and highlighting the lives and works of four outstanding Guyanese, who were awarded the first set of honorary doctorates by the University of Guyana.

According to a press release from the university, those persons are: Dr. Yesu Persaud, Dr. Jay Sobhraj, Dr. Laura George and Dr. Eddy Grant.
The first book in the “Guyanese Exemplar Series” to be launched is titled; “Yesu Persaud -Iconic Leader in Business Innovation.” This book contains the citation given to Dr. Persaud when he was granted the Honorary Doctorate, his acceptance speech, as well as his advice to young people for achieving success.

Speaking during the launch of the book, Chancellor of the University of Guyana, Prof. Edward Greene, acknowledged the “enormous” contributions made by Dr. Persaud to the University of Guyana and he noted that the University of Guyana is very fortunate to have developed a special relationship with the businessman.

Professor Greene pointed out that the publishing of this book is a testimony to the love, affection, and respect that the University of Guyana, led by the Vice-Chancellor, Paloma Mohamed Martin, and her senior management team, share for this quintessential icon.

He added that the book will form part of a special collection of the University of Guyana’s “Exemplar Series” and will no doubt “immortalise” the outstanding contributions of Dr. Persaud to the University, Guyana, the Caribbean, and the world.

“It is a tribute to both Dr. Yesu Persaud and to those who have helped to conceptualise the content and design as a companion to his already magnificent must-read autobiography, ‘Tiger in the Stars’,” he said.

It is futuristic in its presentation, portraying the imagery of achievements of this magnificent human being that could be grasped by the very young.
“What an inspiration, what a landmark for the University of Guyana and its outreach enterprise, and what better subject than the legendary Dr. Yesu Persaud,” Professor Greene said.

The Chancellor also took the opportunity to congratulate Dr. Yesu Persaud on behalf of the Council of the University of Guyana and the University of Guyana Foundation.

He said: “It is my pleasure to let you know that our members highly appreciate your agreeing to be an honorary member. In so doing, you have truly elevated the image of our foundation. Your philanthropic zeal, entrepreneurial acumen, and visionary advice will no doubt inspire us to help the university to transform itself into a world-class institution.

“We deeply appreciate and acknowledge the vast contributions you have made to our national university, through your unwavering support, your generosity of spirit, your sense and sensibility of the value of this national university to the sustainable development of Guyana.”
Professor Martin, in her remarks, provided a brief background of the Guyanese Exemplar Series project.

She said that it is a four-part series and the other publications will highlight the life and works of the other three distinguished Guyanese, who were all awarded Honorary Doctorates by the University of Guyana in 2018.

She said: “We want the young people to understand and to be introduced to these Guyanese living icons in every way possible.”
With reference to the first publication on Dr. Persaud, the Professor Martin said: “We thought that creating a tiny book with his speech that he gave when he received his honourary doctorate would inspire everyone.

“The book summarises his journey, achievements, and 10 success points that he wishes to share with his grandchildren or any young person wanting to know what success in business is about. We hope that in reading this little book it will lead persons to want to engage with the larger autobiography published about 10 years ago. This book will be on sale and proceeds will go to the UG Endowment Fund which is being launched to mark UG’s upcoming 60th anniversary.”

Deputy High Commissioner of India to Guyana, Vijayakumar K., speaking at the launch of the book, said: “Dr. Persaud’s lifestyle has taught many how to become leading businessmen in Guyana. He is well known for his contributions in business in the region and the world and because of his work, he was able to put Guyana on the world map.”

The diplomat noted that Dr. Persaud has left an indelible mark in business and could easily be described as an innovative leader. Other officials of UG also acknowledged the many contributions made by Dr. Persaud.

The limited first edition of “Dr. Yesu Persaud Iconic Leader in Business Innovation” is available at a cost of $2,000 from PACE ( and the UG Campus Store that could be reached by clicking the link here:

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