Mom quits six-figure job to care for children
Lisa Leitch-Lacon
Lisa Leitch-Lacon

FACED with the global pandemic which forced the closure of her children’s daycare centres, her son’s developing skin condition and her employer’s denial of further no-pay leave, Lisa Leitch-Lacon was forced to make a tough decision. Leitch-Lacon, held the “bull by its horn” and resigned from her government job. She would later start her own business, Lis. Lingeriestore, with just one waist trimmer. At that time, she was earning almost six figures. However, her children’s safety was uttermost in her mind as she did not have immediate relatives around to give any support in caring for them. So, the odds were great and, for her, losing her children was not an option.
Her children, Ezekiel and Angeline Lacon, are special and their needs and safety surpassed the 8-4 job.
It was during an overseas trip while she sought medical help for a rash on her young son’s body that a message was received from an acquaintance, who asked whether she could source a waist trimmer. “And after responding in the affirmative, that led to other orders for underwear. Persons were looking for quality and branded products, and my sister agreed that the order was a launching pad for a business. And so, after the first item was sold, I reinvested the proceeds continuously until there was an upsurge in sales,” the young entrepreneur recounted.

Leitch-Lacon would later open her store at Lot 25 Charles Place, in New Amsterdam, Berbice.
“Initially, I was not so willing to get into this line of business. I had felt that it contradicted with my religious belief. But, it was my mother who reminded me that underwear is a necessary garment which is worn by all races, sizes and gender,” she called. She added: “Leaving my job was a decision I chose to make, as it afforded me the opportunity to properly supervise my children. They are often times with me at the store. They have a clean environment, and I know they are safe, and not exposed to any form of abuse. They are home-schooled by me, and I have an opportunity to instill my religious and moral values.” From time to time, persons would question her “leap of faith”, and would often ask whether she has any regrets having left security for what seems to be insecurity. She maintains that as an entrepreneur, her success is based on her being focussed. I do not allow other persons’ ideas to distract me. Many persons suggest what I should add to the business, but if those suggestions are implemented it would stray me from my vision,” she declared.
Aside from the lingerie shop which will be expanded to lingerie’s accessories, Lisa has her children’s business which she also manages. ‘Parties Rentals’ was birthed after persons started asking to borrow her children’s party decorations. The proceeds from this business is banked for her children’s future educational needs.


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