Genuine in bridging that gap between the state and the media

Dear Editor,
PLEASE permit me the space in your newspaper to highlight some of my observations from the President’s Media Brunch, which was held last Sunday at State House.
As someone relatively new in the media profession, it was nice to interact with my colleagues, some of whom I’ve never met.

I was a bit hesitant to attend the engagement, due to COVID-19, but the event was held outdoors and the distance was according to regulations. I was also comforted by the preventative measures that were in place, the staff were neatly attired and always masked. The layout of the venue was also impressive.

Many of my colleagues informed me that the event grew this year. Fewer media operatives attended due to restrictions, but a wider cross-section was there.
The traditional media houses were represented, but so too were the online entities—many of whom have large followings online in the ever-evolving media.
Overall, the event was refreshing.

President Irfaan Ali was very receiving and accommodating. He took his time to address us all during his walkaround and in his address, I sensed that he was genuine in bridging that gap between the state and the media.

Of course, we understand that there can never be 100 per cent agreement between the state and all media houses, since the independent media have a role to play in highlighting information that people need to know about.

Nevertheless it was positive, especially with the months Guyana faced in uncertainty due to the political turmoil last year.
It was also nice to see the First Lady Arya Ali, Prime Minister Mark Phillips, current Vice-President, Bharrat Jagdeo and several ministers of the government there.
It was a good indicator of things to come.

Excited media operative

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