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I BELIEVE this is my season to write more and encourage others to also do so. The question people often ask is, “Are you still a designer”? Fashion will also be part of my life but it’s at the moment sharing the stage with other passions. I have been working with a few first-time authors locally and internationally and some have already published their books and many are in the process of doing so.
Today, I will focus the spotlight on two brilliant young people who are showing up and doing great to contribute to society. Their book will be on Amazon in a few days and I encourage you to support them.
Every life has a story and Alicia Daniels from Guyana and Phil Umoru- Iko-Oko are on extraordinary journeys.
I met Alicia Daniels, who is a teacher, when she registered for the Women in Business Expo. I did not take me long to discover how talented she is, but it was not only her talent that caught my attention. Her teachable spirit and discipline captivated me. After reading her poems, I encouraged her to publish her book on Amazon and that will be a reality on January 27, God’s willing. Please allow me to share one of her inspiring poems with you.
Prophetic Age

The Prophetic is a stream that never dies,
It’s a word from the heart of God,
To change our lives.
When it seems like we’re at our wits end,
The Prophetic encourages us to try again.

As the widow of Zarephath who almost gave up,
When along came the Prophet,
And gave her reason to look up.
For her redemption was in her sacrificial gift,
Which of course she did not resist.

Though she did not understand,
It couldn’t do her any worse to obey his command.
The Prophet saw life tomorrow,
She saw only death today,
And where there seemed to be no way,
The Prophetic word brought her to a clearer day.
Les Brown is one of my mentors who impacted my life and many around the world. One such person is Phil-Umoru Iko-Ojo. We connected through the Les Brown group and instantly connected and was excited to share about the book he was writing. He decided to enrol in the virtual Writers Retreat to get some insights into crafting a compelling story and info on publishing. Fortunately, he received what he was looking for to complete his book and it will be available on Amazon on January 29.
THE SCRIPT: What Champions Don’t do, provides a clear insight into the adaptability of the willpower of a determined young man. He had to be intentional to enrol in the gym of adversity to build his faith, hope and resilience muscles to be able to fight the good fight.

These captivating narratives carry messages of determination, self-doubt, focus, consistency and hope to make the impossible possible. It shows you that it is possible to turn dreams into realities and the results of taking action. His story reminds me of our mentor, the great Les Brown story. He was certainly not expected to be one of the top motivational speakers in the world similar to how Phil was not expected to be an attorney.
When many people label you as a dunce and against all odds you become everything society did not expect is a monumental achievement. He decided to persevere. He also decided to share his story to inspire others. Like the late great Myles Munroe said:   “You must decide if you are going to rob the world or bless it with the rich, valuable, potent, untapped resources locked away within you.”? ?
?To live a fulfilling life, we need to discover why we were created and I believe he certainly discovered that. ?It is an honour to contribute a foreword to this book that will transform many lives because many will resonate with this story. I am proud of the man Phil-Umoru Iko-Ojo is becoming!

Remember to join us on live stream every day (weekdays 19:00hrs-20:00hrs and weekends 16:00hrs to 17:00hrs) until January 31. On the Sonia Noel FB Page, People from around the globe will be sharing their journeys. Get your copy of the 365 Invaluable Life Experiences as we continue to celebrate this beautiful journey called life BEYOND THE RUNWAY.

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