‘Self Care Diary’ growing from strength to strength
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Shorba Renee Rodrigues
Shorba Renee Rodrigues

THE Self Care Diary, owned by Shorba Renee Rodrigues, is an online-based business established on October 8, 2019 to promote health and wellness here by encouraging self-care. It offers self-care tips and information to help persons care for their mind, body and soul.

As part of the initiative, Self-Care Kits were created, catering to the needs of both men and women. The kits are personalised to suit the individual, and each consists of assorted beauty, health and wellness items which allows the user to feel rejuvenated and pampered. Standard kits cost G$6500 each, and make great gift items for brunches, birthdays and bridal showers.

During the business’s startup, Shorba’s biggest challenge was continuously postponing the launch of the business venture, because she was nervous about stepping into the spotlight. Shorba considers herself as being a very introverted person, but at the same time she really wanted to share her idea with everyone. Eventually, she had to force herself out of her shell, and engage with people from all walks of life, and so far, it has all been very rewarding.

We asked Shorba what being a business owner meant and why she became an entrepreneur in the first place, and her response was: “Initially, it was never about business, and to some extent it still isn’t; it is about spreading awareness, and helping people by encouraging them to take better care of themselves, she said, adding: “We live in a world where we are all so busy taking care of the people around us, and busy with work and the hassles of life that we fail to step back and simply take care of our own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.”

The persons who have most influenced Shorba into taking up business are her parents, because they are both very hardworking, and she has always admired that trait about them. Her father has been working since he was a teenager, while her mother is extremely multitalented, and also has her own business. Apart from her parents, her own self-care journey has influenced her business success.


When asked about her greatest professional accomplishment to date, she noted: “While I don’t think I have a specific professional accomplishment, I have recently attained my Master’s in Business Management, as well as becoming certified in Integrative Therapy, Herbal Medicine and Well-being, all of which are very beneficial to my business, and allows me to better serve my clientele.”

She added: “All the positive reviews and remarks I have received so far from my satisfied customers are also a big accomplishment for me, as I have not received a bad review since I have started business.”


In terms of running the Self Care Diary, Shorba believes that business owners should view their clients as human beings just like themselves, and make them feel like they are part of a family.

“It is important to engage with your customers, since it is the only way you can understand them, and better serve their needs,” she said.

The best advice Shorba has received to date is to stay focused on her own goals, believe in her brand, and remember why she started her business in the first place, as well as to never let herself feel discouraged because others have copied her business model.

“Once your business corresponds with your passions, you can never lose,” she told the Guyana Chronicle.

Over the next year, her number one goal is mainly to grow and expand her business, since it is still in its infant stages. Shorba has many new projects underway, revolving around her self-care business, all of which she plans to unveil before the end of the year.

For fun and relaxation, Shorba loves reading novels, pampering herself with her very own self-care kits, travelling with her partner, and getting in tune with her artistic side through painting.

She also loves learning about ancestral spirituality and cultures, especially her own ancestors. And seeing that her partner is into health and fitness, she also tries her best to exercise, since it really helps with both physical and mental health.

As a last word, Shorba states, “Self-care is not selfish; it is a necessity, so take some time to take care of you. You deserve it; you matter. Your well-being matters.”

The best way to access the Self Care Diary is via social media, both on Instagram and Facebook by searching for “The Selfcare Diary”. If you would like to learn more about what “The Self Care Diary” is, or place an order, you can contact Shorba on the mobile number: +592 662 5575.

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