The power of our thoughts and words
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WE take words lightly, but they are powerful. I have learnt so much about the power of our thoughts and words along my journey.

I am still learning, but I am intentional about speaking only good things in my lives and lives of others.

Proverbs 18:4: “A person’s words can be life-giving water; words of true wisdom are as refreshing as a bubbling brook.”

We have thoughts going through our heads daily and some are toxic. We must become aware of what we are allowing into our minds through our five senses. No thought entering your mind should ever go unchecked. I have created a checkpoint to monitor my thoughts and sometimes that checkpoint works overtime. If we allow the toxic thought to slip through those checkpoints and into the brain, it will multiply and grow branches and our thoughts become our words. Out of the heart, the mouth speaks. We possess premium mental real estate and we need to preserve it and not rent the smallest space to negativity. We become what we think and we can never get ahead of what we think. Let’s consume our minds with words that multiply and add not to divide and subtract.

I ask God every morning during my time with him to place the right thoughts in my mind. Ephesians 4:23, NLT: “Instead, let the spirit renew your thoughts and attitudes.”

Those thoughts manifest into words during my day and the words into actions. “I declare this day blessed and I am ready for everything coming my way today. It will be a glorious day, no matter.” I say that every day sometimes in different words but meaning the same thing. The words that live within us are determined by the world we live in, so the environment we create is vital.

Lisa Nichols is one of my mentors and in 2016 she was hosting a conference I needed to attend, but my funds were limited. I called my cousin Clemencio and told her I was going to Atlanta to Lisa’s conference and I would be in VIP and I would be wearing one of my tiger print flowing tops. Although in reality my finances at that moment did not reflect what I was telling her, I believed it was possible and every day I saw myself in the conference sitting in the front row. I made it to Atlanta at the Speak and Write event hosted by Lisa Nichols and was in the VIP sitting in the front row wearing the same outfit I described. I can share so many of these testimonies and I will share one from a young lady. During one of my ‘Developing the best you’ classes, one of the participants shared her testimony. She said she read an article about part of my journey where I exhibited crazy faith and got results. She was hoping to travel to a conference in The Dominican Republic but had no money. She said she cut out the article and had it everywhere she went and every day said to God, “If you can do it for Sonia Noel, you can do it for me.” God made a way for her to attend that conference.

Daily, we have to renew our mindset. I love the teachings from Joyce Myers and I got some value nuggets from her and would love to share one with you. Carve time out to just think and host your own think sessions. Sometimes I do it in my garden or in my home. Then reflect and assess your thoughts and you will be happy you did. Some of the revelations will help us to fix your direction.

Everyone deals with things differently, but my belief in God provides that inner strength for me and I meditate on these words: “I can do whatever comes my way through Christ” Colossians 3:2.

And set your minds and keep them set on what is above (the higher things), not on the things that are on the earth.

We have some powerful testimonies to share and I invite you to join us for Women Across Borders virtual event on from July 7-10. All the co-authors from the different parts of the globe who contributed to the three anthologies will be sharing their journeys and how the power of words affected their lives. I can assure you that the content of this event will motivate you to go to the next level wherever you are in your journey. The event is free and you can register using the link below fbclid=IwAR3RhlDN4Zim2puEn_9ukHmDGQN_RFmkgd9R5Igjp_QtnPHMqjVECfSWjYk
We have to learn to think right to live right Proverbs 23:7 “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

It is important to have the right conversations with ourselves every day. What are you doing for your healthy thoughts to overpower your toxic thoughts as we continue to celebrate this beautiful journey called life BEYOND THE RUNWAY?

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