Guyanese inducted into ICAO Hall of Fame

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Charles Compton Courtney Hutson

THE International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), through its South American Regional Office (SAM Office), has inducted a Guyanese civil aviation pioneer into its Hall of Tribute to South American Aviation Pioneers, located within the SAM Regional Office in San Isidro, Peru.

The event took place as part of a series of activities to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the SAM Regional Office on December 7 last year, ICAO said in a release. The image and a brief history of the work of Retired Lieutenant Colonel Charles Compton Courtney Hutson are now among several South American aviation pioneers decorating the Hall of Tribute of the SAM Regional Office.

Colonel Hutson’s early experiences in aircraft maintenance carved a vision which he pursued with a quiet passion, ICAO said, adding that it was this passion that led to the establishment of a formal training institution and an approved maintenance facility with procedural guidelines, through which young Guyanese can receive professional development.

As an aircraft engineer, Col. Hutson was responsible for the effective maintenance of a fleet of aircraft at the Guyana Airways Corporation. He was later transferred to the Guyana Defence Force with the rank of Major, where he attained certification in helicopter maintenance, becoming the first Guyanese to hold a dual aircraft maintenance engineering licence.

Col. Hutson later joined the private sector, and with the support of Mr. Richard Campbell and Mr. Peter D’Anarde, birthed the Caribbean Aviation Maintenance Services, Guyana’s first Approved Maintenance Organisation (AMO). Following closely behind its establishment, was the Art Williams and Harry Wendt Aeronautical Engineering School, an approved training organisation, offering professional training in the field of aircraft maintenance engineering to Guyanese and students globally.

The Guyana Civil Aviation Authority and the Government of Guyana congratulate Lt. Col. (Ret’d) Charles Hutson on his selection as one of South America’s Aviation Pioneers.