AFC expels Charrandas Persaud

The Alliance for Change (AFC) has expelled Charrandas Persaud from the party and the party has also initiated a process to have him recalled as a Member of Parliament.

While noting that it felt shocked and betrayed by Persaud’s conduct on Friday night in which he noted in favour of the Opposition’s no confidence motion, the AFC stated “categorically” that at no time did Persaud express that he had lost confidence in the APNU+AFC Coalition Government, its policies, programmes and vision. “To the contrary, he gave his solemn commitment, on more than one occasion, that he will vote resoundingly against the motion,” the party stated.

The AFC said two weeks prior to Friday evening, Persaud voted in favour of the 2019 national budget and the Coalition Government’s plans for development and progress for the country. Persaud also made a spirited, positive contribution to the debate in which he also denounced the opposition the party said.

“The party regrets the dissenting vote of Mr. Persaud and wishes to assure all Guyanese that at no time did the party have any indication whatsoever, either from Mr. Persaud or otherwise, that he would vote in any way other than firmly against the motion,” the Coalition partner said.

The AFC said that it acknowledges that “this unforeseen development” came across as a shock to many Guyanese home and in the Diaspora and “that persons would be distraught and hurt by it.”

The party said that pursuant to the constitutional requirement for elections, the party has begun to plan, prepare and mobilize. The AFC said it held an internal executive meeting on Saturday and will engage its supporters, its Coalition partner A Patnership for National Unity (APNU) and the people of Guyana, on the way forward.

“The AFC assures its supporters and all Guyanese that it remains unwaveringly committed to the APNU+AFC Coalition Government. The AFC reaffirms its commitment to the rule of law and reassures Guyanese that in this Yuletide season peace and goodwill will prevail. We extend best wishes for the season to all Guyanese,” the party said.



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