Are there guidelines in Guyana?

IN the human psyche there’s an urge to find a sense of fairness, honest clarification and trust. Somehow in every sphere of endeavour, be it in governance, religion and leadership where trust would be extended by the masses, the self-serving, manipulative and treacherous seem to run ahead, even to undermine the leader with the most honourable intentions. As a small country, familiarisation is one of our hindrances, another is the swift movement to cultivate auras of elitism, especially political, which the President eloquently decried recently. The conduct of Government as an inspiring tool has always stood out to be a patron, a stern authority when trust is betrayed, to recognise the currents of global economic temperatures and change local thinking so that the probabilities of the unorthodox can demonstrate the new possibilities.

Most of all, the culture of moulding character rests in the laws and its adherence and enforcement by this humanity, the Government, entrusted as its custodians. They are responsible for inspiring the population or its majority as to the distinctions between order and disorder, what to decry and what to recognise within the principles of acceptance. What then are the Laws that determine the exhibited nature of the man or woman who wants to lead this country, or apply him or herself to significant public office? What permits a citizen with the record of the current leader of the opposition to masquerade in normalcy when mere years ago under his governance this country was gripped in fear and murder, nothing done by this character can be attributed as inspirational.

All of his public colleagues local and abroad were criminals at varied levels, to name a few, Ed Ahmad, Roger Khan, Bernard Kerik, and a long list of other dismal characters including that infamous Minister who was the go-between in the collaboration between the State and Guyana’s first criminal state-accommodated and endorsed criminal organisation.
None of his local affiliates can stand outside of the parameters of public doubt and suspicion. If there is no legal mechanism to define the ascension to public office but the usual rabble rousing via the media, as was done with the young man who was hounded out of GWI, on the pretext of a past transgression in a nation where an error of judgement is permitted redemption and forgiveness through our religious beliefs.

That State organisation today is a model success story as far as I know far removed from the paramount centre of fraud an audit report declared it to be in 2012. Yet there was no moral resentment when this opposition leader who was accused by a friend of mine before the court in 2013 for practicing ‘Ideological Racism’ which the McDougall UN report had declared in 2011, followed by another UN report in 2012 that reported that drug trafficking was distorting our economy and was responsible for 30 percent of our homicides, that report did not account for the disappeared citizens that were victims of the Government ‘Death Squads.’

The inspiring content of the laws we live by is evidence of the quality of the cultural development we can attain to. The crucible before this nation in 2017 revolves around regenerating the national ethos where aspirations of excellence and the supporting creed must compel the standard to diminish mediocrity at the political level, to inspire and demand accountability of its humanity. If not, then the most formidable of our criminal content, and they do not walk the streets, coupled with the simplistic self-serving egos of elitism will condemn us to continuous struggle. The question is asked how come there is tolerance of this former President that has done so much harm to this nation, and still continues as this article is prepared? Do his crimes not exceed that of the citizen deported from the USA who started over at GWI? I accept that there is a disparity of conscience and priority in our society driven by specific biases, but what do our Laws constitute to protect the nation from fighting the same battles déjà vu?

The essential script in the minds of the public is that they understand the hypocrisies, pathological lies and double standards of this particular leader of the opposition, this is not politics, this is ‘Evil’ with its supporting confederacy, because the management of this Nation under this character has resulted in deep wounds in almost every Guyanese family where members have disappeared, were killed or were subject to intimidation direct or through coercion to conform to dictators outside of their better judgement to survive in many cases. A few were thrown into prison on trumped up charges of Treason to facilitate sinister schemes. Under that governance, the GPF in the first time in its history were directed to forcibly assemble youth from as young as twelve years old of Afro Guyanese heritage and fingerprint them, as criminals would be documented in anticipation of charges. It is also clear that the ‘Racial Divide’ is used as a tool by this character, but he does not by nature represent a direct racial cause, but rather, an intense retrogression into self-serving criminal schemes at the expense of the soul of the Nation. The very laws of opinion that were applied by the convenient conscience of the nation with this referred GWI employee in this article must now become law to address the collective expectations of the majority of this nation.


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