Miner killed in triangular love affair fight
Intiaz Ally and Nicole Indal in happier times
Intiaz Ally and Nicole Indal in happier times

A TRIANGULAR love affair turned deadly on Saturday night when 23-year-old excavator operator Intiaz Ally of Lot 121 “BB” Eccles, East Bank Demerara was dealt a single stab wound to his neck as he pursued a 16-year-old whom he had seen in the company of his reputed wife, Nicole Indal.The deed, allegedly an act of self-defence, was done near his home and in presence of the woman at the centre of the intrigue.

A police press statement said Ally’s reputed wife was going home from work, and the lad was riding a bicycle alongside her, as he routinely does, when the incident occurred. The lad had Indal’s bag in his possession, and inside the bag was a 10-inch Rambo knife. The two persons were proceeding in a northerly direction when Ally, who was driving motor car PSS 2435, struck down the suspect, who got up and began to run.

Ally eventually apprehended the lad and started to beat him; then the suspect took out the knife from Indal’s bag and inflicted a wound to the left side of Ally’s neck. The blow ended the fight and Ally’s life.

When the Guyana Chronicle visited the dead man’s home on Sunday, Indal was attempting to eat a bowl of chowmein, but broke down in tears. She told Guyana Chronicle that she was at work at around 21:30 hrs. on Saturday when she received a threatening cellphone call from her reputed husband.

Indal said that one week ago she and her reputed husband had decided to spend some time apart, since Ally was having an affair and she was fearful that she would cheat on him.


She said her reputed husband had for months been accusing her of cheating with the lad, whom he called “Tall boy”, but she said the lad was just a customer at the Internet café, who stuck around to access the WiFi connection there.

She said that Ally had told her he was at Parika, and was on his way with some boys whom he was bringing to “damage” her and her lover. She said Ally was drinking at the time, and she had tried to convince him not to come home that night, because she was fearful of him driving while under the influence of alcohol.

Knowing that Ally was abusive, Indal said, she closed the Internet café which she manages and was walking along the road with “Tall boy”, her sister and a nephew when Ally drove up. The woman said Ally drove past, turned the car around and accelerated toward them. While she, her sister and nephew scampered away, “Tall boy” was hit and fell off his bicycle.

Ally exited the car in a rage, and approached the teen, who attempted to run away. He chased after the teen, and even as his friend who had accompanied him in the car attempted to hold him back, he wriggled out of the grip and ran after the youth.

Ally eventually caught the teen and dealt him several punches to the face.
And whilst he was raining blows on the lad, Indal said, she saw when the teen thrust his hand towards Ally’s neck, but she did not realise he was holding the knife. The woman said Ally fired a slap before falling to his knees, bleeding profusely before collapsing to the ground.

A policeman living in the area came to the scene with his gun, and prevented them from moving while Ally was rushed by his friend and Indal’s sister to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Asked how the teen got the knife, the woman said the teenager “always” fetched her bag, and knew exactly where in the bag to find her knife.

According to Indal, she started carrying the knife to protect herself from robbers in the area, since she walks home late at nights from work whenever Ally is working in the interior.


Meanwhile, the family of the 16-year-old suspect said he told them he was spending the night out with his girlfriend who worked at the Internet café.

The lad’s mother said she and her son have a good relationship, and he told her he was in love with Indal, whom she claimed is the teenager’s “first love”.

The mother said it hurts to know that Indal, at 26, would seduce her son into a relationship which has caused him to get into trouble.

She described her last child as “peaceful”, and the situation as heartbreaking; pointing out that Indal was having a relationship with her son since he was just 15 years old.

“He lef home last night, and he been round by he girlfriend at Eccles deh at the Internet. He used to sleep out at her… Everything! He does sleep many nights out. The same Saturday night he tell me he sleeping out, he come home with hikki on he neck. He phone has evidence; he has pictures on his phone and voice notes,” the woman said.

The woman said her son would put her to listen to private voice notes that Indal sends him, and he had showed her photos on his mobile phone with the two together, even with them kissing.

Indal even visited him several times at his home in Old Road, Eccles. She came with her car, which they now know belongs to her now dead reputed husband.

“I only see her one time. Well, she come several times with the car here; but a morning I was going to work early and I knocked at the (car) window and a seh ‘son I going to work’, and that is how I geh fuh see she face… he tell me this is his girlfriend.”

The tearful mother added: “He tell me how he love she bad bad and she love he bad. He’s tell me everything. He carry she (to see a) movie at Giftland all… They geh one (photograph) pon the phone whey they kissing. He come, he she, ‘mommy look at this picture with me and my baby, how I kissing my baby’,” the woman related.

The mother is contending that if her son did not have Indal’s bag, he would not have had possession of her knife, but he might have been killed.

“I have a 17-year-old daughter. You think I gon put myself with a lil 16-year-old? You’re a big girl, think nuh — how he young, he young and in love, eh? All ah we does be young and in love. She had to be his first girlfriend, because we never had this problem with him,” the mother explained.

“Tall boy” has since been taken into custody, and police have retrieved the alleged murder weapon.



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